Have you ever cracked a smartphone?

I’m wondering how many people here have cracked their smartphone.

I am always careful with mine, and always use a case. Sadly, regardless of that, I managed to internally shatter the display on my Galaxy S6. I had an Urban Armor Gear case on it, and dropped it face down from about 4 feet. I heard that awful thud when you know something went wrong.

I picked it up, and everything was as normal, no cracks on the screen.

However, within 48 hours, a purple discoloration showed up and began to “eat” my screen. After 48 hours, my entire screen was dead. That was a $260 mistake. I am now paranoid and use an OtterBox Defender. Have you ever cracked your screen, or internally shattered your display?

I always have a case and my phones cost in region of $400 (Nexus 4, Nexus 5, OnePlus1, OnePlus2). I have not cracked mine about 4 years of smartphone ownership.

Others have, both children, even though in cases. I suspect one on them took it out of the case to make it smaller.

One approach is to go to a lower cost phone and then you less care if its broken and the no case and slimmer. I got a Moto G4 Play for myself and used it and was happy to have it naked but then a family member’s phone died so gave them the phone and bought a case for it as they tend to be, cough, clumsy.

I then ordered myself another and plan on keeping it naked, have a case if I’m ever in a situation it is at more risk of damage.

How have you been liking the more budget phones? Are they fast? Are there major drawbacks from a flagship like the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7? I’ve always used a major flagship like that, and have never used a budget phone.

The Moto G4 Play is excellent. Excellent performance, excellent battery life but note I use a phone as a phone not the universe of my existence and try to find fault by gaming or something like that when I got tablets and PCs for that.

If you use a phone as a phone, a talking device with internet access and its primary purpose is long battery life and small, then yes a budget phone is the most superior best logical answer. If you plan on making your phone part of your identity, and use for for everything and then so buy an expensive one to try to make it do everything, then you both end up spending more actual total money and are usually dissatisfied every year or so.

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I dropped an old S3 face down onto uneven concrete. It did not survive. I’d dropped it plenty of times onto flat ground and it was fine, but this was like simulated rocky ground and smashed the screen to bits.

I had a case on my 6S+ since the day I bought it. I took it off for 15 mins because the charger case was acting up and I dropped the darn thing on the ground. Completely shattered the screen south that it was unusable. Cost me 180 bucks to replace. Sucked.

Ouch! That really sucks!

I’ve never put my phones in cases. I find most will stand up to a few drops and then they crack, depending on the way they land.
In 6 years of owning various android phones, I’ve cracked two screens. My Nexus 4 after kicking it across a pavment to stop it falling down a drain (best of the two outcomes I guessed…!) And my Nexus 5 after droping it while getting to my car.
I feel I should point out though, I had previous dropped both phones down a flight of concrete steps before they finally cracked! Thry were both absolutely fine after the stairs encounter.

Knock on wood several times as I type this. I have dropped my iPhone 6 a couple times, both personal and work. I haven’t broken those … yet … now, one time my wife placed my phone on the top of the car, well I lifted the hatchback on my car and it caused the phone to fall into the groove and I heard the last words from Siri as the phone cracked and smashed into bits. I stared at my wife with “What … the heck … was that?” No answer. From anyone. No words could express our sadness that day. BUT … it was an iPhone 5c, back then those were relatively cheap to replace! Warranty went out the window, no one cared, it was great! As for this work phone, it hasn’t cracked yet, my coworkers are just waiting for it to happen, one’s begging me to get a case. I should at least get one of Anker’s bumper cases or something, but … I like the size of my phone, I like the way it feels in my hands, I don’t want it any bigger … and I feel like if it cracks, it cracks, I can still use it, hopefully. If it was my personal phone I really wouldn’t care either. I’d just get a cheap phone to replace it. NOW, the sad thing about all these cellphone companies and their leasing plans, unless they have a warranty on them, if you break it while leasing, you still pay the monthly leasing fees on that phone … think about it.

I have an iPhone 6 with a tempered glass screen protector and a Speck case. I drop it frequently but I only have cracked the screen protector, so I had to get a new one.

not even once, though i’m knocking on wood now.

Yes, PLEASE get a case. You’re asking to crack it without a case… A bumper case will at least provide grip, and minimize drop chances. That’s better than nothing. Or maybe a skin (such as SlickWraps) to add grip/texture.

Good on you for not caving in to getting a case!

I have been buying my phones outright for the past 4-5 years. So if I brake them I simply fix them myself. No need to worry about warranty.

I really appreciate those cheaper basic cellphones. 20 years ago they were big bricks and we all laughed. We’re not laughing now; those things are powerhouses of information and distraction. :slight_smile:

Broken many cell phones. You need a screen protector, I like the new tempered glass ones not just the plastic coatings. Also a rugged case. Even then it still doesn’t always work out in your favor.

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Personally, no. But my dad has multiple times broken the LCD beneath the digitizer on his Moto G. I am still amazed how one can do that.

I cracked my iPod 4 and when I told my mom and dad, I was crying so it didn’t come out very clear, they thought I said that something was wrong with my eye.

Gotta be honest, that’s sort of funny. I can really relate though. I didn’t crack my Galaxy S6, I got it worse. I shattered the display internally, and over 48-hours the entire display died, rendering the phone useless. So, not only did I have to tell my parents I cracked my phone, I also had to tell them it was useless until repaired.

What is the point of of having nice shiny phone if you will keep it in big ugly case?.. However, tempered glass screen protector is a good idea. Just follow couple simple rules like never hold your phone while doing something else where hands are involved, put it in your pocket/purse while: driving, getting in/out car/house (many crack screens because of these two), walking stairs, walking overall with phone in hand (need to talk - use bluetooth or wired headset) and etc… Avoid putting phone in back pocket or pocket/purse with the keys in it. By following diligently couple of these habits most likely you will never break your shiny expensive phone without the need of any ugly case. Works well for me personally and I consider myself a heavy phone user.

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