Has this happened to anyone?

I know that this does not matter much. But it seems that when my usb a side of my cord is not plugged in all the way to any Anker charger, the device is recognized as a usb device with the message, unlock iPhone to approve device. Have any of you guys had similar experiences? Does this have to do with power IQ?

i have not had this happen to me personally

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I think it has to do with D+ and D- data pins of USBA (middle 2 pins). Typically for the charger they are not providing any signal but if it is not fully inserted they might be getting a load somehow and thus the message.
Not sure though…let’s see what @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical has to say?


I havent seen this on iphone but ive seen this on one my older android phones. Not sure why but @kumar.sachin’s answer sounds reasonable

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I’ve never experience this. That’s really weird. I’ve only seen pop ups about incompatibility.

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