Has Power Draw drawn the power of other offers?

There feels far fewer competitions and giveaways recently. Has Power Draw taken up a lot of the Anker generosity?

The new LC40 is out, waiting for discount code.


I think that with the last few giveaways being a rather broad giveaway…if you look at the quantity and price point of what they have given away, it’s only reasonable to expect them to step back a little from additional giveaways and offers. Profit and price points are always finicky in that there needs to be a fine Ballance between the two to remain operational.
Also, with the holidays coming up I suspect that they are gearing up for holiday giveaways and promotions


Possibly the power draw has had some impact but they have recently just got over a training and annual holiday period, so possibly they are just taking stock before the next round of competitions. They recently repeated the 220 PowerCore giveaway in the UK that was for the US a month or two ago. Don’t think they have named any winners or winners by email have not yet commented…

No doubt they will have something running for thanksgiving and Christmas again…

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I don’t think there’s a doubt that the power draw will affect the number of other competitions and giveaways… even though I don’t necessarily like the change. However, they will continue to have them for their new releases. Only time will tell.

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Personally I love the new power draw but I would like to see more than 3 people win with possibly hundreds applying for the giveaway. But to answer the question I think anker is reduced the amount of giveaways but made up for it with the power draw program.

More new products and campaign will come soon, you guys can keep an eye our for it!


Good to know ! I think it’s a good thing to make us participate even more in the community

I’ve stepped back from the Power draw a bit. While I like it as a way to win products it an easy way to lose all those hard earned Anker Bucks. Especially when trying to win a Dash Cam :rolling_eyes:

What would be nice is limiting to 1 entry per person and then we’d have a more realistic competition.

I do think it’s had an impact on the normal competitions but they’ve had other things going like the T-Shirt, Slogan and Power Up campaigns running too.

1 entry per person? That’s bonkers because then we will see even more fake accounts of people trying to up their chances

I see your point. It was just a thought. Maybe 1 entry per person on the 100 buck items.

It would be harder for fake accounts to get so many bucks

Yeah this would posibly work on the larger ticket items

It would be reasonable to assume so IMO

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The Dash Cam would be at 100 bucks?

I think the opposite… Limiting the amount of entries hurts us long-term community members.

So, why not base the amount of entries per person on how long they have been a part of Anker community

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So entry for every Level you are one??

You guys always make an effort to listen to the customers, that will get you guys life long customers. Keep it up!

Could be that or based on the month’s/years you are an active member

Actually that’s not a half bad idea. @elmo41683

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The way is see it Anker has been very generous with competitions and Giveaways.