Has anyone used their Anker products for an emergency?

If so, I am curious how well Anker’s products preformed and how helpful were they during & after the emergency ( Hurricane, Snow Storm, Power Outage, Car breakdowns etc…)? Also, do you have any recommendations for others that have not had to use their products yet for an emergency?

I had all of my Anker power banks charged for last winter’s blizzard, but thankfully I did not end up losing power.

My tip would be to make sure your maintain your Anker power bank by periodically using it to charge your phone, so you keep the electrons moving. And make sure to recharge your power bank so it’s ready if you do encounter an emergency!


Yep I second that, optimal charging of Power Banks/Cores/Batteries is a must for use in emergencies

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I agree as well. So many third party products run off of USB now. They can easily be paired up with a quality Anker PowerCore. Making sure all of your PowerCore’s are topped off and ready before a major storm will make a huge difference in the case of a power outage or other type of emergency. Another great option to include is the Anker PowerPort Solar chargers. Anker has you covered…:sunglasses:

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