Has anyone tried to power an Amazon Echo or Echo dot with an anker power bank?

I’m not sure about the voltage of the power adapter for the Echo. Power bank voltage is 5v. Not sure about the amp if that’s high enough either. I would love to make my echo dot portable. Help?

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I highly doubt Amazon would encourage it, however the voltage may be high enough. You’d probably have to ask Anker directly if you wanted their take on it.

Probably, if the input of the Echo Dot is within the output capabilities of the power bank I would think it would work. Echo Dot is an always-on product and doesn’t really care about energy consumption too much since it isn’t intended to be a portable or mobile device, that being said I think a 20000mah battery pack will probably keep it going for a day or so and that’s it.

I can’t really see a reason why you’d ever need to do that. If you have no power you have no internet so it would be useless anyway?

I want to be able to take my echo around the housr

Isn’t it supposed to be able to hear you from all over? Maybe you have a big house.

it only works within an average sized bedroom, they suggest you buy one for every room

i have an echo dot, it works plugged into a battery, although ive never tested how long it lasts.
we have it in the kitchen and i use it for timers, shopping lists and asking how many oz in a 3/8 cup etc
every now and then i have it read news to me

If you have a full sized Echo, and if you’re really interested, there’s always the Echo Boot http://amzn.to/2eEaCjy

Pretty overpriced though…

No damage or quieter sound? Well, that’s good to know.

it doesnt come with a charger so as long as it gets minimum power requirement of 9W at the USB spec of 5V is 1.8A, so if your battery outputs 2A you should be good. I dont think you could charge an ipad and power the dot but i havent tried

here ya go, someone already did the math
“As far as what battery pack to get, I’m a big fan of Anker, and they make a beefy 20,000mAh battery pack
that’s available for $39. According to my own tests, the Echo Dot
consumes around 570mAh of power every hour, which means a 20,000mAh
battery pack could provide power to an Echo Dot for 35 hours straight,
or almost a day and a half.”