Has anyone thought about selling Anker products online?

I would like to become an official seller for Anker products.

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Good luck with that.

I cannot think of anyone here who would buy from you because you add a layer of risk, indirection, delay, cost, relative to buying direct from Anker with Amazon’s bulk low cost fast shipping.

Basically your ask and Anker are incompatible business models.


I agree, they got their online distribution on lock…

Unless he is trying to get wholesale pricing to sell in an actual physical store or kiosk that sells electronics or cell phone accessories. But even that is a risky business model. Most of those cheap cell phone accessories at the mall are sourced bulk from China for pennies a piece. Average Joe Shmoe will tend to gravitate towards cheaper vs quality products when buying in person.

Not for nothing but I would only ever buy Anker products direct from them or via one of their authorized selling mediums, be it Amazon- Ebay- or Ali express all of which have an authorized AnkerDirect store front


Where would you be looking to sell their products? What country? If it’s already covered by Amazon then it’s a non starter but maybe you are in a new location for Anker. Worth an ask I guess.