Has Anyone Tested The Anker 24W 2-Port USB Wall Charger and PowerIQ Technology

Has Anyone Tested The Anker 24W 2-Port USB Wall Charger and PowerIQ Technology Yet?

I’m awaiting for mine.


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Just put my name down for one to accompany the PowerCore 26800 I recently reviewed. Took a while digging through a box of cables to find two USB wall chargers to charge the beast, this should make it a lot easier in the future!


I have the previous generation. It works great and I use it all the time while traveling. I’m interested to see what has changed in the new version.

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Absolutely I just posted my review on Amazon it is PERFECT for my new Powercore 26800 with dual micro usb input charges it super fast.


Haven’t tried one yet but they do look good. It wasn’t until they were out of stock that I realised they would be great for travelling! Doh! :confounded:

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Waiting on my wall charger to arrive so I can put it to the test. Will report back next week.

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I have one of these and I am also waiting for my sample. I find the plug to be really useful and it works really well (as expected).

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Sample arrived and was given a thorough run through over the weekend. Amazon review link should anyone be interested;


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Yes, got it this week and this is my first review: https://youtu.be/4dHTlwlUoPE
as indicated in the video, I’m going to compare the time it takes to fully charge my Nexus 5x, Galaxy Tab 3 and Astro E1 versus stock chargers.
My amazon review:

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No :pensive:

Yes! It is really good! I don’t have much use for the second port but it is still quick and great!

i have 3… One in office, one by couch and one in backpack
love them