Has anyone seen there 100 power bucks from the anker summer music playlist?

It has come to my attention that when I entered anker summer playlist that they promised and I quote “everyone who enteres will revive an automatic 100 power bucks” ANKER WHERE ARE THEY!!!

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They will be added but lets not forget they have to check through 145 responses to decide who has partaken and then assign them the bucks…

Also this could have been asked under the topic in question or direct to @AnkerOfficial …just saying :wink:


I know but there pretty slow on replying

I haven’t seen anything yet. But not really worried about it - we’ll all just get a few extra entries in the power draw, which all cancel each other’s improved odds out, and then move on. Not like you can directly buy anything with them.

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My god @AnkerOfficial

My pb has frozen‽ I expected more than this by now, esp as I have nothing to spend it on.

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We’ll probably get them soon

May be this will be done by St. Claus.:rofl:


Have you been a naughty boy this year :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Still haven’t appeared

A reply would be nice.

I was on 5k+ before the new set up, and it looks like I have no new PB, and if no pb, I doubt I have experience points either… WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Don’t blame the timezone shit on me, cos I’m the same timezone as your internet code.

It’s no wonder I’m not any closer to level 12

Yes yes it has been brought to their attention, just waiting for them to respond, your notthe only one and other issues havebeen brought to their attention as well. Now we play the waiting game

Thank you :+1::+1:

Awww man anker fixed the glitch where I got power bucks for solving my own post I should never have reported it :joy::joy::joy:

No, your better off reporting these issues because if left in place and later found out, you could have gotten yourself banned


Very true I did the right thing atleast I got 30 power bucks out of it :+1::grinning:

I got 100 experience points thought they said pier bucks not complaining :joy:

I also got the 100 experience points today. Which translated into some buck bonus for leveling up, so it all works out.

Better than nothing

Very true every little helps :+1: