Has anyone rooted an Android device?

Rooted an Android device? How difficult is it?

All devices, all the time, for years.

Not very difficult but you need to buy a phone with an unlockable bootloader.

XDA is your friend.


No I have not, I would but it stops some banking apps from working.

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Nope, never even thought of trying.

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I’m thinking of doing it to get rid of the boatware.

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Doesnt stop any of my banking apps from working.

It blocks Android Pay.

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Why is that?

I’ve been rooting and messing with Android since Cupcake (HTC Hero), messed with Apple and Blackberry too. As the devices become more powerful and the market gets more competitive, manufacturers tighten up security and lock down customization more.

If you’re looking to root and customize your device, research XDA forums and check the process for each device you are looking at.

Its best to start on a sim unlocked phone, and go from there.

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Two buttons on the smartphone using towelroot

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