Has anyone in the U.S. "recently" reviewed an Anker product?

If so, how did you (U.S. Poweruser) review the product that you received to test? For example Anker website, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc… Please share with the community on how you did it. Also, did Anker approve your review, and update you poweruser account as the product reviewed?

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I reviewed products received through Amazon, that was the preferred location for posting reviews. Now that’s changed due to Amazon policy. We can now post anywhere we like, so long as we post the link to the review to the program. Once the link has been checked out, we can go on and pick another product. Products come and go from their program, sometimes extremely quick-like, so you need to be diligent, you need to watch the program like a hawk because no one tells you when to expect new things to pop up. I used to, and then I slowed down a good bit just because I work a lot, I actually have a life outside of Anker, but the products they release through that program are just like what you would expect had you bought the product. Honestly, the first Anker product I bought was a mouse, then I found their program and typed up my info. It wasn’t until moooooonths later that I received an invitation. Since then I’ve received and bought a lot more products, it was only until the invite that I really understood what set Anker apart: quality. They don’t just want you to review their products, they want to know how to make their products better. Up til now I had reviewed their products on Amazon, and also posted reviews to YouTube in condensed 1 minute reviews; I feel like box opening videos are so far dragged out and so pointless, I’d rather just jump straight to it and tell the viewer what I like about the product, what I don’t like, and overall summary of what the product does. So my advice would be, buy a product or two, review them, let Anker know who you are, sign up for the program, and wait patiently. Very patiently. I can feel from your post that you’re begging to be a part of it, anyone that’s not in it is dying to be in it, but all I can say is be patient and post reviews here, YouTube, your own blog, create a hobby out of it and maybe Anker will send you one! And when you get in, you’ll wonder where all the free products are, well it only goes so far and like I said, you have to be quick to check it, they don’t notify you of new products on there. But yes, the second they approve your review, you are free to pick another product.


Thank you for sharing with the community. This topic was been kind of tip toed around for awhile now. Back in the day, we always went straight to Amazon to write our reviews and then submit our permalink to Anker. It was very cut and dry. Since the Amazon policy change, there still seems to be some concerns on the “proper way” to review the Anker products. The new direction to review the products are so vague now, it causes much doubt in people’s minds if they are reviewing correctly or not. I have noticed that a few others including myself are curious what has been working for the rest of the community when they are doing reviews for their Anker products.

I reviewed Anker’s new GoPro battery this week. I haven’t posted to Amazon yet as I haven’t had a chance to throughly test battery life, etc. I did how share on GoProFanatics and reported that activity back to Marketing/Rosa which seems to have counted as my review.

For a while now they’ve made a push for people to share on social media and other sources beyond Amazon to help increase their audience.

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Thank you for sharing with the community. This is a great example.

Really, just because Anker sells things through Amazon doesn’t necessarily mean we have to review there. But you can see hundreds if not thousands of reviews for their products on there! They’re doing SOMETHING right.