Has anyone here tested the Roav power washer?

I’ve always wanted a power washer to begin with. Most recently I’ve wished I had one in handy. Since we recently went through the holy fire which was about 2 miles away from our home, there was a lot of ash left from the fire. I wanted to power wash our whole house down. Does anyone highly recommend it?

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@Quinn_Armstrong brought it
Check his review Here


I was trying to find the same review. @elmo41683 great job finding it. :slight_smile:

@Emarquez006 this is a great review and goes into a lot of detail about this product.


@TechnicallyWell also did an unboxing and usage run through on his channel here



Wow, I love the support guys! I’m stull at awe at how everyone is so damn nice and helpful here, lol. Thanks
@elmo41683 @rupinjohar @ndalby definitely getting this


The Roav Power Washer works great… I used it to wash my car last week! Side note: if you’re using the soap dispenser, be sure to dilute your car wash solution with water or your car will get lost in all the suds! :joy:

It also works great for doing the siding of my house, but one thing to note is that it wasn’t quite strong enough to reach all areas of the seconds floor from the ground. So you may need to get the ladder out if you have a two story home.


@TechnicallyWell thanks for such an awesome review! The youtube video as well. I do see what you mean about trying to clean the second story. You had to spray really close to your house in order for it to clean off. Thanks for taking the time!

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Just found this great deal on roav power washer

Do you guys know At what ratio of water to soap does the Roav Hydroclean dispenses soap?