Has anyone ever used a Nebula projector with a DVD player?

I have a Capsule Max and I’m trying to find a way to play DVD, I had thought a USB bus powered DVD player would work but I can’t seem to get the projector to play the files. I am able to get it to work if I connect the DVD player to my laptop and then hdmi to my projector but that seems unnecessary. If anyone has any other solutions I’d appreciate it as I would like to connect a DVD player directly to the projector.

As DVD’s normally have a level of encryption you would need an app that could software decrypt the files on the DVD for direct playback via the Capsule Max (of which I can’t honestly say whether it would support the power draw required for the drive) such as VLC player or the like.

I would think your best option for playback, would be either to play DVD content from a physical DVD player via the HDMI (like with your laptop) or to convert the DVD contents to a readable video file (mp4 etc).


I’ve played DVD’s and Bluray’s from my PS3 plugged into my Solar Portable. It works… but with my bluetooth speaker (JBL Partybox 100) there is a noticeble sound/picture sync issue. Oddly, the sound is ahead of the video. This was fixed somewhat by changing the PS3’s sound to PCM, so as to be more directly what the projector is expecting (there’s less CPU time consumed for processing, so better performance).

The best option is to stick your DVDs on a NAS and stream the ISO’s using VLC. Works brilliantly - and no lag with bluetooth! :slight_smile:

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