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Nice deals :ok_hand:

New gaming mouse, Nice!

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Ooh! Thanks for the great info! That gaming mouse deal really catches my eye.

Nice! A gaming mouse. If it were wireless I would get it since I need a new mouse.

@AnkerOfficial have your team checkout the new QI Wireless mice and mouse pads w/ QI charging (gaming mice) I bet you guys get a whole new group of users to join the Anker fan club.

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The gaming mouse looks sweet! Great price for it as well. :ok_hand:t2:

I didn’t even know that they made one!

Too bad that mouse isn’t wireless, I’m on the market for a wireless one. Wish there were more cables on sale

Are there German deald? Because the last email I got was from November

Wow¡!!! Nice deals!!! :clap:

And RGB gaming mouse that’s so cool. Maybe they will have one with more programmable keys in the future and it should be intresting to see how the rgb program for it works