Happy New Year! Now let’s talk CES…

Happy New Year community members!! It’s been a great year for us, and we hope for you all as well. With the new year upon us, we can look to the future once more… to CES!!

Each year we make the trek to Las Vegas and every year we have new products that we get to showcase to the world. This year is no different. Put on your hiking boots, people, as we travel to the land of tech, and we’re taking you along with us!

A little history:

CES has been running for 50 years and serves as the ultimate stage for showcasing and discussing technology. Some ground-breaking tech that was shown at CES includes:
-The VCR (1970)
-Digital Audio (1990)
-The Compact Disc (1991)
-HDTV’s (1998)

CES today:

CES now showcases more than 4,500 exhibitors of tech and innovation. It has a conference program of more than 250 conference session and more than 180k attendees from 150 countries.

What to expect:

We’ll be here, Facebook, and Twitter, on the first day of CES. As long as you’re checking in periodically you won’t be without the latest info.

New products! We’ve got some very cool stuff in the works and want to hear your feedback! Let’s discuss what kinds of products you hope to see, and from what brands you’d like to see them from!

Get involved in the discussion

What products would YOU like to see at CES? What products do YOU think we’ll be showing at CES? Let us know in the comments below!


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I would love to see some new PD battery packs in smaller 5 to 13k sizes, I would like to see flat slimeline wall plugs instead of the tiny bricks such as the atom, or at least ones with ports on the side or bottom as to not stick out from the wall. I would also like to see Anker bring back the desk lamp and task lights, maybe with wireless chargers integrated into them for convenient bedside use


Better less, than too much! :grin:

I know it just released but… A new revised version of the Soundcore Liberty Air would be great. It’s a nice product (better than previous models) but still has space to improve.


I love checking out the new gadgets! I wonder what the reaction was like when the CD was unveiled in 1991? :thinking:

Who rocked a portable CD Walkman back in the day? I remember trying to find one with the highest “skip protection” I could find (I think it was around 10-15 seconds) so the bumps on the school bus wouldn’t interrupt my music! :joy:


I would like to see a SoundCore 5.1 Home Theater audio with a soundbar, subwoofer, and two wirelessly connected back speakers. No need for an expensive receptor if you don’t need one. Just connect this system to your TV audio out and you’ll have home theater audio!

Those exist already, a SoundCore solution with Anker’s batteries on the back speakers would be awesome!


I would like to see products that are actually going to be released in the near future, unlike 2018.


What about powerbanks with crash protection :thinking:

The kids are into scootering I’m forever telling them to make sure that they remove phones / battery packs from their pockets when they on the park. Although I have crash bumpers on their phones the battery packs have no protection at all. So if there was a more rugged variant this would be ideal for them.

I second @elmo41683 suggestion for a bedside lamp with a wireless charging base - could combine both Anker wireless charger with Eufy smart bulbs together :muscle:t2:

EDIT: @TechnicallyWell living in the countryside and having to be on a bus for 30+ miles to get to school finding one that didn’t skip at the slightest bump was always number 1 priority lol


Kid’s protection! :grin:


Lol they just about wear helmets and knee pads. That might weigh them down when trying to do tricks though :joy:


I’d like to see some different fittings on the smart bulbs. E14 (small screw) especially.

Some smart striplights would be good. Hue are ok but can only have 1 colour on at a time where Lifx have a multi-section light strip where you can have multicolour along the strip. These would be really nice.

Would also like an updated genie that can perform the drop in feature available on Echo devices.


It’s becoming more and more common for companies to announce products that will never become reality, it seems. I blame the whole “patent an idea” thing. If parents were only granted to products already developed and working, more announcements would hit the shelves.


Like the one that was unveiled two years ago? Yeah, that would be nice.


Drop in works with my genie and echo dot

I also agree that if eufy releases LED strips or an LED strip controller that is compatible with various strips it should be capable of multicolor with different patterns and an audio sync/visualization feature it should also be smart home and eufy home app compatible


Wow! That takes me back.


Still using one now :smiley: comes in handy for speaker testing :ok_hand:


All of those things might have been introduced at CES but they were Invented in the years
VCR 1956
Digital audio 1987
CD player 1981-82
HDTV’s 1990


So hyped! I’ll be watching you Anker :sunglasses::yum::relaxed::grinning: