Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Good Friday & Happy Easter Guys

It’s nice to have a few days off work and chill with the family. It’s going to be a lovely weekend and I’ll be glad to see my house return to normal for a few weeks.
We have one final market stall to do tomorrow to shift the last few chocolate bouquets and TeamOggy time starts.

Liverpool play Cardiff on Sunday (I can’t Wait) I live near Cardiff and work there so I have to hid my pleasure if Liverpool score.

Then off to the beach with my sisters family on Monday. Love this time of year because summer is coming.

What are you guys up to?


I’m not really doing anything for you Easter :disappointed:. I wish I had some of that chocolate though :joy:

Happy Easter everyone!

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I’ve spent ages waiting for a bus, to get to town before my pain meds run out… Took THREE WEEKS, and run out tonight.

Town is nuts and so many people out, even the quieter coffee shops are rammed.

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It’s seems to be crazy everywhere today. Everyone loves a Friday off work :joy:

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Yeh I’m watching Lfc on Sunday too ,it’s good match… Liverpool or city it’s a tight race😆

My house has been full of these since January @Anjou1888. We’ve had Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and now Easter. It’s cruel :joy: I love chocolate haha

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We just need City to drop some points :grin:

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Looks like you have enough to send me some!

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so much candy! :smile_cat:

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All them chocs make me drool! lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t celebrate Easter so no candy :joy::joy:. We do have some at home but I rarely eat them. Do miss dairy milk though. Those taste great!

Happy Easter everyone!

We usually just buy in a bit of extra xhoc, instead of an egg.

Empty choc egg £5
5x multi packs of choc at £1 each £5

See, much better value and more choc :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I want some chocolate :woozy_face:

Don’t have much planned as yet but prob end up sitting in a skatepark for hours at some stage. Watch a bit of football. Get the green machine out for a spin. And maybe just maybe get an Easter egg … still have yet to receive one or buy myself one lol

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Dairy milk is the best :grin:

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Will you eat all this chocolate stuff?

Still being in France we will prepare:

Lapin braisé :rabbit2: :grin:

on sunday.

No meat today : “Good Friday”

My son left with the grandparents to go to Disney, so he won’t be here for Easter. Just gonna chill with my wife and maybe make a nice Ham dinner for us.

Sunday we will be having roast beef ( boeuf for Franz!) With yorks n homemade roasties, I’ll even crack open the English mustard!

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Merci mon ami :wink:

They have a lot of mustard here in France.
Strong stuff from Dijon. :grinning:

Happy Easter, everyone! :hatching_chick:

Easter is more of a thing in UK than in USA, its just a regular work day, not the 4-day weekend of UK.

Christmas is also more of a thing in UK than USA too.

A little bit more Jewish holiday celebration in USA, more so on the east coast.

So today here in California I am working, and in the office Monday :frowning:

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