Hands-on with Anker's new smart projector, speakers, and fast charger

Stumbled across this article just now thought I would share.


Thanks for posting Jesse. That was an interesting breakfast read.

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It was an ih interesting read. I didnt realize that one speaker had a slide volume control and the other had buttons. Would be interesting to see which people prefer, I imagine the slide would be better able to fine tune the volume over the buttons that are at a set level


Good info… thanks for posting!

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I also thought the choice to go with Bluetooth 4.2 on the zero+ instead of Bluetooth 5.0 like on the Zero was odd maybe it has to do with the interference?

i don’t think bluetooth matters as much since its wifi connected. which as you mentioned might be due to interference

My thoughts exactly. What about when you’re using it as a portable speaker I doubt your phone or tablet will have a Wi-Fi Direct connection with the speaker.