Handheld gimbal stabilisers

Do any of the community members have or want to get a handheld gimbal stabiliser for their smartphone, mirrorless camera or DSLR?

I’ve just got the Zhiyun Smooth Q for use with my iPhone 7 as I saw from many videos on YouTube that it’s a very good cheaper alternative to the DJI Osmo that has had mixed reviews.

This is the first gimbal stabiliser I’ve owned and I’ve been having fun experimenting and learning all the tips and tricks for it when it comes to filming the great outdoors.

I managed to pick mine up on Gearbest for £96 compared to the £129.99 price on Amazon.

Are the stabilisers something that you’d consider adding to your tech/photography setup?


I have the Removu S1 gimbal for my GoPro Hero4 and Hero5. This was my first gimbal. I got it when it was a campaign on Indiegogo. Overall, it has a lot of features…bells and whistles. I do love the smooth footages I get from it. Only complaint I have is that it is rather bulky. I’m still on the fence if I want to keep it or get another. Karma Grip looks good but I don’t like how the screen is covered for right handed users. Plus the fact that you have to have the door to the charging port taken off… I could see myself losing the door.

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I have the Zhiyun Smooth Q as well and it makes a huge difference in video quality. It comes in handy when making review videos or evening just filming a kid’s soccer game

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I have always wanted a stabilizer but never committed to one as they were always pricey to me. I just used a tripod whenever I needed stable footage

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I’m curious to see the replies because I’ve been looking into buying one. I recently picked up a Shoulderpod S1 grip since the price was right and it’s nice & compact, but doesn’t offer the stabilization that a gimbal would.

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+1 : I’ve always wanted to buy one for both my gopro and my smartphone.
But you can find some at 30€ and some at +200€… There must be a real difference right? What to do?

Not something I’d ever considered in the past but after looking at a few reviews of Zhiyun Smooth Q I must say I’m impressed :astonished:

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Yeah, the resulting footages are impressive

yeah gimbalizers are definitely awesome, they add a whole new level to your videos.
I used to have one for my gopro but then returned it because it was part of the drone combo and I didnt likethe drone.

I ended up getting a new drone but it didnt come with a seperate gimbal, so I’d def love to see if I could get one that would work on my phone and my gopro somehow. It is another thing to take care of and bring on trips though so that can be annoying sometimes

I can’t seem to play the youtube video on their website. I got an error… Too bad I can’t see the demo ^^

I get the same error, this is a review I watched (and a few others);

Sometimes your best watching several YouTube reviews to get a full sense of the ups/downs experienced by users…

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Thanks, I’ll find a few minutes to watch your video this afternoon.

to be honest, I would like to get a gimbal for mirrorless camera but I don’t even know what gimbal to buy

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@Max_Muller1 Sirui make a very good 4 in 1 stabiliser which you can get the lowdown on it here

Zhiyun also make some decent ones as well.

The best place to research them is on YouTube. :slight_smile:

I use a gimbal Feiyutech AK2000 I had a DJI Ronin SC and sold it. the gimbal is a good place to start out if you want to ‘see if its for you’ but I grew out of it pretty quickly. I would recommend the gimbal and read article about it on gimbalgarage, I would also possibly think about the Zhiyun Crane Plus. It can carry a little extra weight, which is nice if you wanted to say, have the 7d, a 24-70 and a mic, or LED light on the hotshoe. The 2000 can manage it, but the Zhiyun Crane Plus is better! Guys like theo muse and moxley (DTF) both use Zhiyun’ for filming snow.I thought about upgrading to the Zhiyun Crane recently, but throwing my coin at other.