Halloween Celebrations

How are you going to be spending your Halloween? Anyone dressing up?

My Department at work decided on a Stranger Things theme.

Naturally I was to shave my beard into a mustache and be detective Jim Hopper! I think our decorations and costumes were pretty great, and the team is having fun!

My Daughter was Gidget from Secret Life of Pets.

Luckily our neighborhood did trick or treating on October 27th when it was snowing and not today, when it is snowing and we’re expected to get 2-4 inches. Gotta love Chicago.

How are you celebrating Halloween?!

PS - What’s your favorite Candy?


This is awesome! Your department did a great job! :jack_o_lantern:



We had the chance to dress up at work. But no one did. I’ve been sick the last few weeks so I won’t be going doing anything for Halloween this year.

We missed most if the trunk or treats because we didn’t realize they did it over the weekend. But my son still wants to go out so he and my wife will dress up and I’ll just throw one of my scary mask in and walk around. Eventually we will have dinner since it is our anniversary too, happy 7 years to us.

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It is not such a big custom here.
Though industry likes to push immense. → Business only.
We use to create a soup from the pumpkins, really delicious!
But never forget to add some rasped fresh ginger! :smile:

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Happy Halloween!
May all your devices not trick you in to thinking they are charged fully! :jack_o_lantern:


Happy Anniversary! What a day to get married!

I’ve had pumpkin soup maybe once before! So good!

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You know about that “dangerous 7. year”.
But not for you. :smile:

Looks like you guys had a blast. Your daughter is so cute in that costume. :slight_smile: Favorite candy? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for the win. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like you and your daughter had a good time on the dress up @Quinn_Armstrong :jack_o_lantern:

Just got back from a day at Whitby (Dracula’s holiday home :laughing:) & it must be the first time I’ve been through on or near Halloween and there were no street performers / Halloween junkies doing dress up (just Google Whitby Halloween Weekend and you’ll see a few examples for those usually walking around)… so the evening will now be a few drinks and horror films with the family.

As for candy/sweets it has to be Reece’s pieces & peanut butter cups for the win :grin:

Looks like fun.

Kids went out trick or treating with their friends earlier, and we went to the gym. That’s how we spent it lol

Great pictures! I love strange things :+1:

Cool!Happy Halloween!:japanese_ogre:

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