Hack: Extend Robovac 11 Run Time

We can all agree that it is annoying when Robovac beeps so much. It is even worse when the battery life is low because it beeps 4 times. However, the battery is not really dead when it does this. Here is how you can extend your Robovac 11s battery life.

  1. flip the power switch to off and back on
  2. on the remote, press the single room cleaning mode (important)
  3. optional: turn max mode on
  4. the next time it beeps, it is really dead.

In my experience, this can add up to 20 minutes of additional runtime, which is awesome! Let me know your results.

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I would recharge the battery’s asap after doing this as it probably comes close to to minimum voltage and might drift below minimum voltage during prolonged storage.

Well, in the case of a Robovac, you would usually charge it shortly after use on its dock.