Guy Fawkes night plans? (UK members)

One of the things us crazy Brits do each year is have a celebration (of sorts) on the 5th November consisting of bonfires, fireworks and grub due to Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the houses of parliament in 1605.

Any UK members planning on attending an organised event or doing it themeselves at home tomorrow, or have you already attended one earlier due to our often unpredictable weather around this time? Feel free to post some of your photos, if taken…


Those bonfires look legit scary, I wanna go to one now haha. Instead I have to settle for my puny bonfire at home here in the states…

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I’m going to a display tomorrow night. Was meant to be at Lochgelly Raceway tonight for their display and “Banger racing”. But it’s pretty chilly out side and we got rather distracted by fixing a motorcycle this afternoon :slight_smile:

I’ll probably take some pictures tomorrow night :slight_smile: Local council’s display is usually pretty good.

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The UK Bonfire Night and the USA July 4th are one of the few annual events now which have not crossed over. The UK fireworks of Nov 5th is done in USA July 4th. Easter is probably a notable difference still.

It is interesting to know the history of this, the character about to be burned - Guy Fawkes - was not actually burned in real life, he was tortured and was about to have something done I wont write in this forum, when he managed to jump and break his own neck. This was a sectarian battle which raged for 300 years in UK back then, very similar to what is happening now in the Islamic countries. From 1532 til 1829 with it causing Kings and Queens to be executed. It was illegal to be Catholic for a period, and even a brief 5 years of illegal to be not Catholic. With peace in Northern Island there is almost no sectarian open violence today.

The children can just have their sparkles, eat baked potatoes, and stink of smoke for a day. Weird how traditions bare little to do with anything which really happened.


I attended Merthyr’s very own Sky Festival last night. I think they look at what nights neighbouring towns and cities are having their big displays and pick a night they are likely to get most visitors. It’s Cardiff’s fireworks tonight so it makes sense.

It was ok. £10 for a family ticket and they bring in a mini fairground so have fun. I’m more like “£3 for a ride” haha but the kids got in the car and said they had the best night.

Tomorrow I am working at [Caldicot Castle’s display]
( should be fun as long as it stays dry :slight_smile:

What can be worse than jumping and breaking your own neck? :smiling_imp:

Yea bonfire night is weird thing to celebrate. But in reality noone really “celebrates” it in the way it originally was intended (which was to celebrate the failure of a Catholic rebellion).
These days it’s more about getting together with friends and family when the nights start to grow dark and cold. You stand around, watch a colourful firework display and be warmed by a fire and hot comforting food (stovies, pies, soup etc). Some bonfires will burn an effigy (called a “Guy” - because it used to be an effigy of Guy Fawkes. The effigies can range from fictional characters to politicians to specially made boats and buildings.

It’s a good night, and for me marks the start of winter and the count down to Christmas.

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Being hung, drawn, and quartered. (Go Google it…)


Those of a weak disposition do not click on this link.

On the BBC last 2 weeks has been a 3 part factually accurate version of the story, the 1st episode caused complaints.

Penny for the Guy

Actually the most impressive bonfires are in Northern Ireland, it also basically a sectarian based remembrance.

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In the BBC Gunpowder episode 1 they actually show it with little shielded.

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Learn to love Paramo, practically live in it when in UK winter.

Looks like good gear but some of it is well expensive.

Ooo I shall check it out :imp:

Boooo :expressionless:

A quick google search leads me to believe I would have done the same. Intestines being revealed to you before your very eyes I can deal with, now the jewels would make any man jump to his neck snapping death :joy: :cold_sweat:

looks like one heck of a party

BBC license does not allow it to broadcast overseas to be used for free overseas as the BBC is funded via a local tax - you pay in UK for a TV license. You can usually watch overseas if you pay for a service which pays the BBC and then you pay for the channel - BBC America for example.

You do get similar issues the other way around, such as the series 3 of Better Call Saul and Mr Robot can be seen on Netflix UK and Amazon Prime UK but you must pay for it in USA.

Geeks know how to get around all things.


Already found a way :joy:

Well you missed out a step. Dismembering. Look up English old word for member. They then burned it while the original owner watched.

[Edit: I think I know by sentence context the slang for “the jewels” so we probably understand]

I’m being oblique for those of a weak disposition.

In the USA the whole European sectarian wars drove fleeing to the USA and having in the US Constitution 1st Amendment the separation of religion from state to prevent one religion using the law to impose it views on other religions, the idea of uniting on common values like hard work and honesty. While Europe continued to have, essentially, religious war til 1945, the USA stopped having them earlier and so USA economy was able to grow for a longer sustained period.

The UK did essentially the same thing by modification of the head of the UK religion being head of state by change of “the faith” to “faith”.

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Paramo kit is worth more than its weight in gold. I love mine :grin:

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