Guide of suitable products by phone type

Does Anker have a Filter by Phone Model to help people who aren’t tech savvy and easily confused search easily for products suitable for their device?
I don’t understand the difference between QC3 and PowerIQ…I just want a decent portable extra power supply for an Android phone.
I would like a search feature that can elimimate irrelevant terms and only include my specifics.


There is no specific guide by phone model, but you can use this and they will help you sort find the best product for your need

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It is a very good ask, and even those who more tech savvy really struggle with Anker particularly.

The product names are little use. II sometimes means IQ2 which means Anker’s own compatible with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3 but as Anker doesn’t own that brand name they cannot mention it. II sometimes just means version 2. For example the Powercore II 10000 is QC3 but the Powercore II 6700 is not. There is not a consistent naming convention so by name we can tell. They had similar problems with port colors, used to be green and blue to mean different charging tech now it does not, often all ports are blue.

Then products over 18 months with different charging tech have similar names. There are 7 Powercore 26800. and are not always matching, they have errors or inconsistencies and gaps in information.

If you were to stack on top of that a list of phone models then you are asking an even higher ask to be both consistent, fully descriptive of Anker products, and for them to know the charging tech of each model, and then its having to learn the phone’s needs also. Exponentially difficult.

One good way to reduce the problem is keep currently sold products down to a minimum quantity and stop making earlier versions and stop selling them when successors come out. Then the totality of the products is lowered, it makes it easier to know which matches which phone.