GRUDGE MATCH: SoundCore Model Zero+ VS Soundcore NC Life

A friend of mine once asked me, verbatim:

“Would your rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?”

While you are free to answer that question, my question to you is about two products that DO NOT compete with one another. Rather, they are similar products that serve different needs. The GRUDGE MATCH question is whether you would prefer one type of product or another, if that product was the ONLY one you could have.

So, basically, if you had to make a deal where, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, you could only use one of these products or the other (and no you can’t just get a different speaker or headset), which would it be, and why?

  • Soundcore Model Zero +
  • SoundCore NC Life 2

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Also, I want to thank @amangons and everyone that participated in this wonderfully entertaining thread I found when trying to figure out how to make a poll:


I would like model zero+. I honestly don’t know why, I use both so much. I guess I just had to choose one :man_shrugging:

The ZERO+ is a speaker and Life 2 are earphones.
Apples and pears???

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I believe that’s the point Franz. You have to choose between two completely different products.

@Anjou1888 is right - the reason for the question is to make you choose between different things. If you could only eat apples or pears for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

  • apples
  • pears
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I choose apples, because they last longer and get fewer bruises when you carry them in a bag.

Glad you found that helpful… I hope you did a like! lol
I try to break things down n make as easy as possible, unlike some (who in this example just took the piss)I make things simplified.

Personally, I wouldn’t choose either to spend the rest of my life with.

Over the ear reacts with my hearing from aids… Anything near the ear like that does. Yes I could take them out, like I do for earphones, but when not being used (unlike earphones, just fit in a pouch in your pocket) you’re stuck with carrying large headphones around.

I don’t carry a bag, cos that’s a “handbag”, and I’ve never been into them! :crazy_face: I like to fit what I want with me, in my pockets. It goes back to a teaching in my teens… A captain who worked with the SAS (yes the best forces in the world) told me… Every so often on training we get the soldiers to leave their ruckso behind, and just live with what they have on them already. … This captain also came to the local ARMY CADETS (think cub scouts, with guns! lol), which I’d been with since 14, and as I was thinking of joining the T.A. (army reserves) he came along to chat with me.

So since then, I try to carry what I need in my pockets… that way, I can’t lose the bag/bag break, both hands are free etc.

These days, I still carry on pockets for a different reason… I need both hands on my walking frame, and I’m quite good at walking n keeping a cigarette in my mouth n smoking as I walk with the frame! hahahaha :crazy_face:

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Model zero plus is much better…

I choose both since they are best in their class. Cannot be compared to each other.

Was thinking the same…not really a fair poll as it’s two standards but based on my use of the Zero (which is slowly replacing the Flares for certain music) I’m going for the Zero+ on the poll :grin:

That’s the point - if you had to listen only to headphones or only to BT speaker for the rest of your life, which would you choose? It’s like having to choose between socks and underwear…you can only wear one for the rest of your life, which do you choose?

  • socks
  • underwear
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I’m going with socks because it would ruin my shoes otherwise. I could always buy softer pants. :joy:

Def skidders/undies/boxers/pants

Not to wear underwear is nasty.

I wear leather shoes/boots, and at least 90% textile/leather trainers, and pool flops (Nike in a rubberised material, n 2 different.xolours), plus I have a pair of sport sandals.

I don’t wear slippers at home, as feet get too hot. Even tho bei g diabetic I should, I am naughty n go barefooted around the house/flat/condo/apartment

  • you can have too many polls
  • you can never have too many polls

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  • @nigelhealy should reopen the last poll so I can vote in it
  • @nigelhealy should not reopen the last poll so I can vote in it

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  • how long should a poll be opened, 2 minutes or
  • 1 minute?

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Generally, yes, but wearing shoes without socks ruins all my shoes :frowning:

That’s why I like these kinds of questions! You never know where they will wind up :laughing:

Ok after the bit of fun, answering the question.

Personally, I prefer buds to speakers as it feels more polite to other people, they do not have to prefer my choice of music, entertainment. I do own both buds and speakers, the speaker get used mostly when in the shower which is like 5 mins/day but I’m otherwise mostly 24x7 (23.95x7) with buds.

I keep a Nano in my work bag as sometimes someone rings, the call is relevant to the person I am with and so I switch to the Nano to be a speakerphone.

My buds used most are the Life then the Slim+ then the Spirit. Life as its best battery life and comfy in ears for long hours of use, the Slim+ as fits well in ears, the Spirit for when raining as claimed better in wet.

Most fave speaker is the Nano as so small it can be with me all the time when I have a bag, then the Mini 2 (for shower due to better wet).

I have so much stuff now I’m mostly either waiting for old stuff to break or gift most of it away. There’s only so much one can use oneself. e.g. if I win the Powerdraw its already going to someone else I know.

Same here.
The more you listen to the ZERO, the more you like that sound!

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I just want to point out socks are currently winning. :tada:

When I worked at the call center we used to play… Would you rather?

It was always nasty choices, and often one would involve death or something really nasty n large up your arse! :nauseated_face:

I used to have a job where I and another guy (we both worked in a remote office) would have to report to a large group on a teleconference once per week. We would sit in the teleconference room, and when it came our turn to speak, the other got to show them a picture they had drawn. The rules were that you HAD to look at the picture the other person drew while you were talking, and if you laughed during your report you had to buy the other a beer.

I always won.

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