Group for German Forum Users

Maybe we can start a Forumgroup for all the German Users / Testers / Partners / Reviewers / Influencer here ?

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Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider to do a national classification in the future.

We from Germany are really a few ones here.
I think there is really NO need to have such a special “group”.
The more “groups” the more separation we get.
Makes no sense for me.

Let’s continue our international family here.
We all like it and having much fun! :smiley:

Grüße aus München


Hello everyone, it is noted. It was just an idea. Surely you can continue on the previous path. The goal is to grow together :slightly_smiling_face:

Grüße aus Gütersloh


Awesome, I’ll like to join

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we will see what the future will bring:slightly_smiling_face:

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If we would have such a “German group”, we need a special “Bavarian group”!

The members of this group?

ONLY ME!!! :rofl:


it always starts with a user and at some point the community becomes so big :rofl: :sunglasses:

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I would join the German:de: group as well, currently living in Baden, but came from bavaria Allgäu, so I will join the Bavarian:beer: group as well.

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A Allgeier a no!
Des is super!
Mia san net vui, aba mia san mia! :rofl:

Prost aus Minga!

( I welcomed him…heheh)

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maybe we get enough german users here to start the german group :upside_down_face: