Grey or gray

While some of you may be thinking this is a rather silly question it has caused huge debates in a bunch of my classes. So which do you use grey or gray or does it depend on the situation of how you’re feeling

  • grey
  • gray
  • depends on how I’m feeling

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One of my friends says the answer should be always gray unless looking for clothing then it’s grey to “get the good stuff”


i use grey


Gray is a color, grey is a name…


I never feel grey and/or gray also. :grin:

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Depends on your location as to the most accepted spelling… Gray is more a US thing while in the UK we spell it Grey


Gray is usually US and the rest of the world tends to go with grey because the US always has to be different. However I am in the US and almost always use grey


I have been using the term “Grey” but whenever I use it in context, get replied by others as “Gray” …

Like this “Grey” poll :laughing:

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Grey here in the UK

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For me, gray is a color and grey is a feeling or mood.


Let’s say “Grau” for DE.
But describing a feeling…
We dont’ use.

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Grey is the UK spelling and that gets my vote


It’s spelt GREY.

Unless someone has decided to spell their name, Gray.

Grey - Wikipedia

Just noticed, the writer of this piece can’t even spell colour correctly.


For me, it’s Gray for color and Grey for Grey’s Anatomy :stuck_out_tongue:


That interesting I kind of like that

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It’s gray in the US!

I use gray and I’m located in the US

Like a lot of words in the English language, it comes from German.

Tho to be honest, English (queen’s or USA) is a bastard language. There is very little that is genuinely “English” in english! A lot of it comes from, French, German, Latin.

Not sure why such a difference in spelling n pronunciation between UK n USA English.

Some great man once said… Never have 2 countries been separated so much by the same language … Something like that.

I did hear once, that during the signing of independence, they had a choice going forward of German or English, and English won. … Not sure how true that is?

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Same is with Portuguese (Portugal) and Portuguese (Brasil).

The spelling doesn’t matter so much to me, but really it depends on what context it is being used that would dictate the spelling.

As others have stated, grey is the European spelling, and gray is the US spelling. The same goes for color and colour.

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