Greetings from Venice! How Anker Helped Us Make It Through Europe-#UseAnkerInstead

Greetings from Venice!

##Paris • Venice • Rome • Anker

Over SEVEN years after getting married, we finally took our honeymoon. It included 3 days in Paris, 2 days in Venice, and 3 days in Rome. It was an absolutely incredible and unforgettable experience.

Shortly after stepping of the plane and arriving in the city of Paris, we took off and walked the Chansaelise, and climbed the Eiffel Tower. We toured the streets of Montmartre, sat in on a mass in Notre Dame, cruised the River Seine, got lost in the Louvre, drank wine on the steps of the Sacre Coeur overlooking Paris at night, wandered around the Pere Lachaise Cemetery for hours, and drank some Absinthe before seeing the cancan at the Moulin Rouge.

After a short flight from Paris, we sailed out to Venice and took a gondola around the city, checked out the Doge’s Palace and Saint Mark’s Basilica, and took a boat to see the colorful houses of Burano. The next day we caught the high-speed train from Venice to Rome.

After arriving in Rome we explored the empty streets of the city until 2 am. We stopped by many of the Roman Forums, St. Peter’s Square, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain (among MANY other fountains), and drank limoncello in the Piazza Navona under the stars with almost no tourists to be seen. After sleeping in a little the next morning we dove deep underground to the Domitilla Catacomb, the Basilica of San Clemente, and the saw the wild sights of the Capuchin Crypt. The following day we toured the newest wonder of the world, the Colosseum before travelling inside the walls of the Vatican to behold the historic sights of the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Across our journeys we ate at some fantastic restaurants and made friends from Australia, Canada, and Guernsey at the many places we ate at.

We live in a glorious world full of places and history to explore. We saw so many jaw-dropping places over the last 8 days and I left many stops out of my list above, but I am thankful for the opportunity to just scratch the surface of all this planet has to offer.

I wanted to thank @AnkerOfficial for helping us make our way through some incredible European cities. Without my bag of Anker gadgets, our phone batteries would have died and would not have been protected from drops, selfies would have been more difficult, charging would have taken longer, and the 11.5 hour plane ride from Rome to Atlanta would have been a nightmare without being able to block out the sounds of the baby crying in the cabin behind us (for probably 8 of the 11.5 hours) and not having a way to listen to the on flight movies. Anker (as well as Soundcore and Karapax) visited some of the most famous and iconic places on earth with us and were a welcomed, and loved, travel companion!

Anker, Soundcore, and Karapax products that traveled with us through Europe.


##Cin Cin • Saluti • Cheers


Nice, glad y’all finally got your honeymoon. Me and my wife are over 6 years now and also have never had a proper honeymoon. Hopefully we can travel like you did and visit all these wonderful places you have mentioned.

It sounds amazing and I’m glad you had Anker and Soundcore to back you up in your trip.

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Nice to hear! Paris is the place to be for couples :heart_decoration:

The Anker items in the pic are a good placeholder for items one needs to carry during travel. Thanks for sharing.

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That’s awesome that you finally got to take your honeymoon after so many years. I wish my wife and I would have waited a little bit to take ours (we left 2 days after our wedding and 4 days after moving into our new apartment at the time). We ended up going to Santorini Greece, Paris France and Zurich Switzerland and ended up using our power banks more often than not from all of the travels around. If you ever get a chance to go back to Paris, I highly suggest the Palace of Versailles on any other day than a Monday as the palace itself is closed. I hope you got a chance to put a lock on a bridge as well!


Thanks everyone! It was such an awesome experience.

Thanks for the tip on the Palace of Versailles! Looks incredible! We did not put a lock on the bridge. They removed all of them because of the extra weight it was adding to the structure. Although I’m sure your trip maybe had a bit of added stress from everything in life at the moment, I’m sure it was amazing. Greece is on my bucket list. We decided to try to make it overseas every two years if possible. The next trip will be to Ireland, Scotland, and Amsterdam. I got the travel bug now. hahaha! :smiley:


Yeah, we had to put it on another bridge because they removed them due to the structural issues as well. it is probably long gone by this point, but it was a nice sentimental thing to do between us. Greece is an amazing place. I would move there if I had the chance to because of how nice everyone is and everything is beautiful at all times. Everyone stops when the sun is setting each night and just stares because of the wide expanse of water and it just adds to the moment. I am heading to Amsterdam as well this year because the wife wants to go back to where she grew up, and I want to go just for the food lol. Ireland is 100% on my bucket list as well, but from what I heard it is not a place for small children and I do not want to have to wrangle mine up at all times at a bar, because let’s face it, I want to go to the bar lol.

I am always fascinated about those locks, what is the story behind it?

It is mostly a symbolic act of affection. You write down whatever you want on yours, lock it up and throw the key into the river so that it will show your “committed love” for each other.

Since late 2008, tourists have taken to attaching padlocks (love locks) with their first names written or engraved on them to the railing or the grate on the side of the bridge, then throwing the key into the Seine river below, as a romantic gesture.[4] This gesture is said to represent a couple’s committed love.[5] Although this is not a French tradition and has only been taking place in Paris since the end of 2008, with locks occasionally being cut off by city workers, since 2012 the number of locks covering the bridge has become overwhelming, with locks being attached upon other locks. In February 2014, Le Monde estimated[6] that there were over 700,000 locks; with the 2014 summer tourist season, many thousands more have since been added, creating a serious safety concern for city authorities and an aesthetic issue for Parisians.

This was ours:


thanks for the information @Fuu_bar :slight_smile: hope to add one when me and my better half go there

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Ooooooh. Sounds fun! I would love to tour Europe one day!

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I agree that Paris is a great place for couples…however, after going to Venice, that’s the place for romance in my opinion! Luckily that stop was in the middle of the journey and it was needed! Paris is beautiful, but you spend a lot of time going here and there and seeing so many things. The Metro is pretty easy to learn and navigate, so it was a really enjoyable to city to get around. Rome was insane! It reminded me a lot of NYC on a really busy day due to the hustle and bustle, but with ancient ruins and breathtaking sights at every corner. We got metro passes for the bus and metro, but didn’t use them but once.

Venice provided some relaxation while still getting to see gorgeous sights. I loved it and now I want to move there. hahahaha

Oh! I meant to add that the PowerCore 5000 (the smaller one from the top picture) was used every day since it easily fit in our jacket pockets and was great for on-the-go! The bigger PowerCore (I believe the 26800) was awesome for traveling when we had a bag since you could charge 3 devices at once with it. I didn’t charge it once the entire trip either.


What a great story. It’s great to hear that you guys finally got your honeymoon and that Anker had a big part in it. :slight_smile:


Congrats on your honeymoon man. Bet it was romantic and lots of fun!

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My dear friend Franz

So glad to see you holiday romantically. Next time maybe take the wife! :grin:Hahahaha

Nice use of Anker stuff. Never been to any of those places, only ever seen on TV.

So.pleased my friend.

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Wow! That is awesome! A trip like that is nowhere near my near future. Hopefully when my kids are out of Universities! I see you were very well prepared for the trip!

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I was not the lucky traveller, Mac. :grin:
I know Venice, but for me too crowded and full of tourists.
Young people may like and enjoy, this is fine. :wink:

You can prepare it from now! Give your wife a surprise!

Amsterdam is one of my favorite city!!! You can go there in summer.:heart_eyes:

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I would love to travel, but we gotta have the money to do so and moving killed all extra money I had saved. So now I start over saving up