Greetings From Fabulous Las Vegas!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! We’ve been busy setting up our booth at CES and so for our first blog of the year, let’s talk CES!

What Is CES?

CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) is the premier tech trade show that captures the attention of the world every January. Right at the beginning of the year, amazing technologies such as “the latest in robotics, wearables, augmented and virtual reality, entertainment and content, drones and driverless technology” are featured.

CES Yesterday And Today

CES debuted in 1967 and had 117 exhibitors, 17,000 attendees, and transistor radios, stereos, and black and white TVs were being introduced as modern technology. The CES of today is a massive show held in Las Vegas and consists of 3800+ exhibitors and 165,000 attendees—CES 2017 alone will have more than 850 first-time exhibitors!

A Day At CES

Our man on the ground doesn’t need too many words to summarize his time there - “I have swollen feet.”

This is a brief summary of his first day:
● Walked approximately 7 miles in the confines of the event hall
● Went back and forth between the show and downtown to attend meetings
● Finished lunch and dinner in 5 minutes

“But being here and seeing the best tech is awesome.”

What’s really cool, and the best part of being at CES, is meeting all the Anker fans, many of whom have been using our products for 5 years.

This charger debuted in 2012!

Even the media are using Anker chargers to power their (big) cameras!

Anker and CES

Anker has been providing mobile charging solutions since 2011 and in that time we have introduced some really cool things at CES.

Our revolutionary PowerIQ technology optimized charging speeds for the thousands of digital devices on the market. By intelligently identifying which device is connected, PowerIQ optimizes and delivers the highest possible charging speed. Sitting around waiting for your phone to charge became a thing of the past.

With our Astro series we introduced two new features to the world of portable charging. Astro 6000 had the unique feature of starting a charge or displaying the charger’s remaining power level just by shaking it. Astro Pro 2 20000 featured two-way, simultaneous charging and discharging, meaning it can be charged as it charges other devices.

Since the best tech is introduced at CES, we also have something huge to announce! Feel free to leave a guess about what you think our announcement might be.


Nice to see Anker products not only featured in the media but also used by them too :smiley:


More stores with new products?


Now you know Anker is GOOOOOD when the Pros use them too. Yay! Go Anker!!! Anker for everyone! :slight_smile:


How long until your announcements


GO Anker!!!


Go put $50 on Red for me!


Pro use really is the seal of approval because that means the gear can stand up to abuse.


I was just in Vegas I wish I had stuck around for CES and to see what Anker brought to the table for 2017.


Love it!!! Go Anker!


I live here but I need someone to hook me up with a pass!


New Anker brand, Nebula.

You can see Edo in the background.


Nice to see the Future of Anker products and the Change between the old black and White tv and the technology from now!
Go anker !!


Nice but a hefty price tags also.


Very cool! I hope to be able to go to CES in the future.


go! go! go! Anker!!! :v:


Cool anker


Great to see Anker expanding its reach. $3000 is an extremely premium price tag for any projector though, and Anker products were always a balance of quality and price, a good value, not sure where this sits, but I’m sure there will be a market for it anyhow.

A really major con, however: 1080p resolution spread out at 100 inches is terrible. I’d expect at least 4K at that price range.


Yep thought the same on a few points there. Firstly you have to have a decent enough wall / screen to project onto, then factor in light conditions, as at 3000 lumens any semi bright light if not gonna make the image the best.

Would be nice at a lower price but at it’s current cost I would be going the proper TV route for that amount of cash…


Love your guys products! Hope i can go to CES some day!

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