Great Roav Dashcame Review! Love it!

Roav Dashcame.

Small and compact!

The dashcam is very impressive. Has a clear 2.4” LCD and has a Sony Exmor sensor that can record 30FPS. This also has built in WIFI to download your videos to phone.

Inside the box contains the dashcam, PowerDrive 2 car charger, extra long micro sd cable, a mount that has 3M tape to stick to your windshield (no suction cups) that attaches the dash cam and a useful tool to pry the trim in the car to hide the cable so they are not in your way or dangling in front of your windshield and an instruction booklet.

This does not come with a micro sd card so you will need to purchase it.

Setup is very quick and easy with the controls on the LCD screen and also can be changed in the settings in the Roav App.

You need to download Anker Roav DeahCam app for Apple or Google.

Video quality in 1080P i find to have very vibrant colors during a sunny day. Night time quality is very clear but not great and can easily read the license plates in front of you. Video is recorded in 3 minute clips and will loop record when your micro SD card runs out of memory. Audio quality is also very crisp.

Downloading your videos is easy. Either the old fashion way of taking out your micro sd card and copying on your computer or using the Roav App and connecting to it’s built in WIFI.

Another feature is the G sensor that will record impact to your car while you are driving or while you are away from your car and will lock the video so it will not be overwritten.

I wish it came with GPS tracker so hopefully updated versions will include this.

Great investment for peace of mind when driving your car.

Got this sample from Anker. Thank you Anker. Also Product Open Box Video and Video Quality Sample Coming Soon!
i will post youtube link here.


I’ve got hope for this and will be keeping an eye out for your YouTube channel!:grinning:

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@mvpttk I agree with you, GPS tracker would have been a great feature to have on the C1. Overall, I found this dash cam to be easy to set up and use.

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I really like this cam the only problem i went by is the need to get a sd card the one compatible since it was a lower capacity and the cam kept on shutting off and kept on getting the error voice tf is not compatible please format now I have a dash cam that’s collecting dust until a better sd card

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Nice review @mvpttk , GPS would certainly be a welcome improvement for the next gen camera…

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The problem I had with the microSD card is that I was using a 64GB card. And according to the manual, anything over a 32GB, should be formatted via computer using the FAT32 file system. Well, I’m on a Mac… the option given to me is ExFat or DOSFAT. I thought, ExFat so I formatted the card with that. But when I inserted the card into my Roav, I got a “please format card” prompt. Therefore, I don’t know if it’s just because I’m on a Mac or what but I did contact Roav and spoke to Jing. She said she would pass it on to their Tech Department. Needless to say, I ended up formatting the card on the Dashcam itself, and it worked fine. But it sounds like it may just be the Roav’s pickiness with the microSD cards. Overall, the Roav Dashcam is a nice additional to my car. I love having the peace of mind for that “in case moment.” Prior to getting the Roav, I was using my GoPro Hero4 Black as a dash cam. WOW! What a pain in the butt to set up! And the main problem I had with it is that it would overheat and shut off. Mounting and unmounting the GoPro to the suction cup mount is a pain with the screws. I love the Roav’s mounting system, slide to mount/unmount. DONE!