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As you, my dear reader, might have noticed from my blog posts, I do like to experiment with earphones. I'm not an audiophile so spending thousands of Pounds (or Euros or Dollars) in them is not my thing, but find great ones at an affordable price is.

Bring the mic closer to the mouth

My Anker SoundBuds Sports have been my 'go-to' for most of my needs. I use them when out for a run, or to make calls, or when I want to relax and listen to some music or podcasts. I just love them. As the name says, these are Sports earbuds and having the mic and volume control on the earphone itself is a good thing for activities like running. The cord is less prone to tangle. Although the mic works well in the Sports version, it is less convenient for calls, especially professional ones when there's background noise like the wind or office shouting. In such environments, having the option to bring the mic near to the mouth is a plus. And the Surge model offers that.

Let me be very clear though. I've used the Anker SoundBuds Surge for some of my latest sports activities, and they've worked very well. However, I intend to use them mainly for calls and music/podcasts, leaving my Sports earphones for, well, sports activities. My review is based on this assumption.

The SoundBuds Surge arrived, and I couldn't resist to let everything go and unpack them [1].

[1] What can I say? It seems I can't resist to a new piece of technology!

When holding the box, it's easy to spot what's in the inside, as Anker's branded box displays an accurate picture of the earphones together with its three key features.

In the inside, there are the usual booklets (warranty and instructions), a charging cable, and a carrying pouch. Also, there are a few wingtips and ear tips in different sizes, ensuring that they will fit everyone's ears. A special mention to the wingtips. These hooks are very comfortable, lightweight, and work very well in making the earbuds stick to the ear. I'd be surprised if these fall from anyone's ears even on intensive sports sessions.

The control buttons are in the Soundbuds' cord, and includes the traditional play/pause/stop, fast forward and rewind buttons. Depending on the device or app that you are connecting them to, these buttons can assume other functions. The instruction manual explains the controls in detail, so I would suggest skimming read it.

As said earlier, I've used the SoundBuds Surge for some sports. However, I use them mainly to listen to music or podcasts when commuting and personal and work-related calls. Having the controls and a shirt clip on the cable is a plus for this use case.

Overall the SoundBuds Surge earphones are exceptional, especially considering the price one pays for them.

I've paired them with different devices and didn't face any compatibility issues. The Bluetooth worked like a charm. In the past, I had issues with earphones that had the Bluetooth receiver in the cord. Moving the cable around would cause interference in the sound. It is not the case with this pair.

The sound is crisp and clear during calls and when listening to music. One thing that caught me by surprise was how well these earphones block external noise. As far as I can tell it is not intended to be noise cancelling. However, the ear tips fit in comfortably and prevent unwanted sounds from ruining the sound experience. If you plan to use them for any outdoor activities, please keep alert as they might also block some of the traffic noise.

I asked feedback from those I called to, and everyone told me that they could hear me very well even in adverse weather conditions (e.g. rainy and windy).

There are two ways to switch the earphones off. The first is by pressing the play/stop button for a couple of seconds; the second is by just using the in-built magnets located on the back of each earphone. These magnets are also useful when commuting as they allow the earphones to rest around your neck (for example, when talking to someone) without them falling off.

Lastly, a word goes to the carrying pouch that is very practical for keeping the Soundbuds safe and sound (pun intended!).


I'm not an audio expert, but I do like and have used a lot of earphones thus far. These Anker Soundbuds Surge do their job really well.

The calls and music sound is loud and pure; the external noise gets blocked; the mic grabs the voice correctly; and, above all, they are very comfortable and lightweight. With all these arguments, the Anker Soundbuds Surge get a thumbs up!

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