Grab an Outdoor Speaker for Some Real Winter Fun | UP TO 43% OFF for One Day Only

The temperature keeps dropping, but it doesn’t mean you can’t go outside and enjoy yourself! You could go for a walk, make a snowman, or even have a party out in the snow!

A good outdoor speaker guarantees that you can play your favorite music outside and it still sounds EPIC!

Here are three fantastic outdoor speakers that allow you to bring music to any outdoor environment without standing out or getting in the way. They are designed to stand up to the elements, but still provide that classic Anker sound.

Anker SoundCore mini (43.1% OFF)
Our super-portable Bluetooth speaker with 15-hour playtime and enhanced bass.
Regular price: $29.88
Deal price: $16.99
Valid through: Feb. 1st 00:00 - Feb.1st 23:59

Anker SoundCore Sport 16W IPX7 (40.0% OFF)
The portable Bluetooth speaker with unbeatable durability, 15-hour playtime, and superior sound.
Regular price: $69.99
Deal price: $41.99
Valid time: Feb. 1st 00:00 - Feb.1st 23:59

Anker SoundCore Sport IPX7 (37.3% OFF)
Our wireless Bluetooth speaker with enhanced bass and superior durability.
Regular price:$39.88
Deal price: $24.99
Valid time: Feb. 1st 00:00 - Feb.1st 23:59

The deals are One Day Only!

Tik Tok! Time is running out.

Hurry! Grab one before the deal is over!:grin:


what amazing deals :heart_eyes:

Great deals but I just need earpods so it is nothing for me

I miss the days of snow storms closing school and then sledding outside all day with my neighbors! :snowflake:
Although, back then there was no Bluetooth, so we would have needed to drag our CD players outside…

I can’t speak to the SoundCore mini or the smaller SoundCore Sport, but I have the SoundCore Sport XL (16W), and it’s one of my favorite tech accessories. You get a surprising amount of sound for the size of the speaker, the battery seemingly lasts forever, the bluetooth connection strength and range are impressive, and it’s extremely durable. I have, while kayaking, accidentally dropped the speaker and sent it to the bottom of the reservoir I was kayaking on. Thankfully, I was near the shore, so the bottom was only about 7 feet down, but it took a good 10 minutes to find it. I brought it back up to the surface, and not only did it survive, but it was still working! Combine that with the complete lack of visible damage from occasional bumps and scrapes against rocks while hiking, and the SoundCore Sport XL earns the highest recommendation I can give.


Are they US only or Canada?

what’s product you want!


I’m sorry to say US only.

Time to go outdoor boys!

Soundcore Sport XL is one the most durable speakers I’ve ever seen. I really put mine through the ringer and it has no problems.

I have to buy new Soundbuds because the left side of my Soundbuds Sports IE 20 is not working. I think it would have warranty but I’m in the US and I bought it over Amazon Germany so it could be a problem. Besides that you are not selling this product anymore so maybe it is time to get a newer version.

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Warranty shouldn’t matter where you brought it from as long as it’s from a valid retail source. As for them not selling anymore, where did you hear that? Because stock comes and goes and the I nly headphones j heard that were discontinued is the soundbuds IE10 that are made specifically for Apple phones