Got a Story to Share? Win 1000 or a RoboVac with it!

Spring cleaning might be months away, but that doesn’t mean you should wait another 180 days to tidy up your home.

If you’re taking a break from cleaning to read this post—or just putting it off until tomorrow—why not share a cleaning story of yours? It could be a horrible cleaning experience you suffered through once, or the most enjoyable cleaning session you ever had. Or perhaps you have some expert advice on cleaning to share with the community?

Thinking about household chores may not put a smile on your face, especially cleaning those hard-to-reach places in the home. So turn your chores into relaxation with eufy RoboVac, the hassle-free and hands-free robotic vacuum that’s engineered to do all the work while you sit back, and relax. And while you’re at it, share some cleaning-related stories with us, whether it’s funny, inspiring, or unforgettable.

We’re giving away £1000 (1000€ if you reside in Germany) to the best story submission, what’s more, 5 more lucky winners will get the all-new RoboVac 30C for free. That’s 5 more families not having to worry about sweeping the floor. So share your stories today at the link below:

*For residents in the United Kingdom and Germany only.


This is an awesome campaign for people in UK and Germany.

Good luck from US anker fan :slight_smile:


Wow this is another great giveaway for folks across the Pond. Wish I could participate but alas I reside in the states, at any rate good luck to those who enter a much needed contest for them


Good luck to folks across the pond. :slight_smile:


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I’m sure you could move to Europe. Germany is quite a good place to live. I will participate but I think it would have been enough if they are giving just 5 vacs away. The 1000€ are to much


Done, and fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

What a great comp


Not all cleaning stories are fun or disastrous, some are mundane.

As for tips, more the better, but they have to be real!

Nice! Good luck to the participants!

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  • Wake up
  • Feed my daughter
  • Log into Anker while I have a couple minutes
  • See a promo for RoboVac 30C
  • Get excited that I almost drop her bottle after getting it out of the warmer
  • See that it is also a giveaway for £1000/1000€
  • Realize that it is not offered in the U.S.
  • Contemplate changing residencies and notifying my work that I will be working remote from now on
  • Continue to contemplate
  • Consider texting wife
  • Thoughts of living abroad start swirling around
  • Realize that by the time I would establish residency, promo would be over
  • Inform wife that we need to take a European vacation after our daughter is born in January
  • Wife agrees
  • Realize that logging into Anker this morning will now equate to going to Europe with the wife and kids next year (she is originally from the Netherlands)

Good luck to all of those over the pond, i’ll be over there real soon!


Good luck to our neighbors across the pond.


Suppose you made a video:

“Molly” sitting on top of the robot and strolling around in the flat,
enjoying the “free trip”. ::joy:

Hmmm not for me, not for states vacuum cleaner folks like me… Nice move across the globe by @AnkerOfficial . Best wishes for you all out there…

That is soooo what I’m hoping! lol :shopping_cart::cat2:

Was minutes away from posting about this when @AnkerOfficial did.

Interesting competition @AnkerOfficial :thumbsup: …good luck to those entering :four_leaf_clover:

Now this is a product which is really appealing to me! I’m the primary cleaner in our house and as much as my family would say I love cleaning, it’s not true…I love BEING clean, not the the cleanING part!! I’ve often wondered if a robotic vacuum would ease the pain of cleaning allowing me to get on with the million other tidying and cleaning jobs that have to be done!
It all sounds so futuristic and I’d love to incorporate this into our household! Maybe it could be stored with my hover board and self-lacing shoes?! :joy:

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@AnkerOfficial the link for the German website is the wrong one. And do you want to have different times when it ends?

Besides that I have the problem, that I can’t see my post on the website after I reloaded it.

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@AnkerOfficial I’ve posted my entry twice now because it seems to disappear when I go back to look or view other people’s entries? It shows up after submitting then it goes? I wondered if the posts are authorised by you first before they permanently display? Thanks :slight_smile:

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