Gorillaz Livestream Concert | Get a FREE Ticket Now!

Ahh, gorillas. You can’t imagine the forested regions of Sub-Saharan Africa without them. These powerful creatures are nonetheless imbued with a gentle grace that has captured the hearts of centuries of nature lovers.

Today, we’ll be learning all about the majestic great apes known as gor…wait, what!?

…Ohhhhhh, my mistake, fans, we’re supposed to be talking about Gorillaz. Well, that makes more sense. I was wondering how exactly we’d be sponsoring gorillas.

Anyway, that’s right! We’re partnering with the Grammy Award-winning Gorrilaz to bring you Song Machine, a virtual livestream concert. They’ll be performing some new jams from their latest project, and bringing a slew of special guests along with them.

There are 3 different live shows on December 12th-13th, so you should be able to catch a performance no matter where you are in the world.

Thanks to our insider access, we’ve been able to secure 25 free tickets exclusively for fans of Anker and Soundcore!


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  2. Take a screenshot of your share and post it in the comments section.*
  3. Comment below what animal you’d name your band after!.
  4. We’ll choose random winners from qualifying entries to get a free ticket!

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HOT TIP: You can actually get two chances to win, by entering here, and by going to the Soundcore Collective and entering the same contest over there as well!

But wait, there’s more. If you don’t win, you can still get your tickets by going to https://gorillazlivenow.com/, where using the code GOROFFANKER at checkout cuts the ticket price down by ⅓.

We’re looking forward to seeing the band names you manage to come up with! Meanwhile, I’m going back to watching National Geographic for a while…the real gorillas are pretty interesting too.

Good luck!



  1. This is an international giveaway.
  2. One entry per community user.
  3. Winners will be announced on Friday, December 11th in this thread.
  4. Winners will receive their winning ticket with a code to view the livestream via private message.

Winner announcement:


Its a nice idea to donate those tickets.

Those who like that type of music should win! :smile:

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Fwuffy Widdle Kitties

screenshot within for ease of scrolling

I love Gorillaz! A partnership has been long overdue! Can’t wait to watch the concert!

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Nice giveaway for people interested. Good to see both communities running the event so 50 total ticket being given away (I think)

I like them Gorillaz, I have a few of their songs downloaded on my phone

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Well chances are high of winning so I’ll enter

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Tickets are $15 if you lose

First time I heard of them :joy:

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Yeah, should be good. Although I’d probably be in a band called Goldfish called Bob (I can’t sing so would mime) :rofl:!

Tortoises From Hell

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Shared; also, I’m thinking my band name would include giraffes

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Destiny wolf

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Shared on Twitter and Facebook but I can only post one photo!! I’d call my band the Capybaras :v:t3:

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Always had a soft spot for a Sloth.
Life goals to be honest. Sit around. Eat.
Cant be bad :smile:

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call my band Zebras. defo zebras

image I would name my band Pink Fairy Armadillo

I’d call my band The Wolves - good luck everyone Merry Xmas

My band would be called “Armadillo’s” cause they like to get down and dirty