GoPro batteries

I received my first Anker brand GoPro battery last night! First impression when opening the box is that I love the Blue/White color of the Anker Battery. Nothing against the standard black that most batteries are, but it everything in my GoPro kit is black, and finally one item will stand out! Guess which battery I’ll be grabbing first from now on? :wink:

Cool! Let us know how it works out! I’ve never used an Anker battery (made for a device). I’m interested to see how it does in performance. Does it last as long? Does it last longer? Maybe it’s disappointing and has a shorter lifespan. I’d love to know.

Hows the performance of these? Equal or greater than the originals?

What version of GoPro are you using it in?

I have the GoPro 4 Black. I’ll be giving it a thorough workout over Thanksgiving in cold weather, which should be interesting. I have an use a variety of battery manufacturers including OEM GoPro, Wasabi and Smatree so I’ll be able to compare Anker to all three of those manufacturers. The mAh rating is the same, but that doesn’t always equal the same performance.

As a followup I used my Anker GoPro battery a fair amount last week while in Colorado skiing. I used it on two different days and while its hard to give hard/firm usage data due to variations in the photo/video options we were using I can say that the Anker product appeared to last longer than either the OEM GoPro batteries, or other 3rd party batteries I have from Smatree and Wasabi. Now to be fair, the Anker battery is brand new while the others are a couple of years old, so that needs to be taken into consideration to some extent.