Google Warns Huawei Users Against Getting Its Apps From Other Places

Attention Huawei users


Right so only USA companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon can spy on you and leave backdoors?


Huawei should warn, that Google, Amazon, Facebook etc are doing the SAME they have been accused.

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And of course, Samsung is perfect too, it’s just Huawei who to mistrust.


I loved this line.

I’m hesitant to purchase some the Chinese Phones just because this could happen with the others as well. They make good phones but…

As to other companies spying on you…I just picked up a new D-Link router for testing and its has Mcfee Protect built in and the only way to fully lock down your system is use the built software and they have mention in the consent form that they monitor your usage for “safety reasons and may share your activity with third party vendors” and from my research many new routers from other companies are doing this to “gather data and review” trend. I wonder if using a VPN will block them from seeing my data. Its not that I have anything to hide, its non of their business.

Yes, Apple and even anker definitely aren’t selling our info either


The issue looming is, ironically, the USA stance against Huawei is probably going to make a competitor to Google. Huawei’s size is sufficient to make developers support the Huawei app store.

Huawei is making some excellent devices and launching in Europe after China. I have sideloaded apps for years and nil fear of having no Google support. I’d not do that for my phone as it does my Google Pay, but no qualms on tablets which are mostly media.

I like the way they made this a complement to a phone with wireless output charging and fast charging, effectively removing the need for a Powercore to keep your phone going.

This anti-Huawei US stance is I think harming Google as it justifies a Google competitor, so the image above feels unfair. I’d say the primary beneficiary would be Apple as its fracturing Android app stores.

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It doesnt matter if you are urged to sell your soul to the devil or the beelzebub! :joy:

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My Chinese designed and made OnePlus takes picture of my Chinese made and designed Anker Essential 20000 PD keeping my Chinese made and designed Huawei Mediapad M5 going, listening with my designed and made in China Anker Slim earbuds.

And here it is running a full Linux if I don’t have an Android version of something I need, such as when I need to run a Perl script.

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That’s the beelzebub who got you!
You knew this before or was it told you by those evil, other devils I mentioned!? :smiley:

Anybody ever use Android without any google services or Chinese alternatives?
My Pixel C was slowing down, and the last Google update for it caused a lot of slowdown, so I installed Lineage OS with no play services.

It runs great!
If I need a paid app I use the Amazon App store and disable Amazon from running any BS in the background. F-Droid for my other apps. App Mirror other APKs. It’s not a big deal having a Googleless device, and it runs so much better without all of that garbage running in the background.

Put it to sleep one night at 95% battery. Turned it on the next day and it was at 94%… I was amazed.

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Pixel C had the smartest keyboard, those magnets, you can get any angle you desired and it would hold the angle as you picked it up and moved it. I loved it.

Yes aware of LineageOS and of XDA. Really its not that difficult to get around lack of official support if you’re reasonably geeky and can follow the step by step guides.

Surprised you say no Google Apps. Most people use gapps.

The gotchas are apps like NetFlix which really want a tightly integrated DRM.

I used to always flash gapps, but they really do cause a lot more device wakeups, and I’d also rather use that RAM on apps. With a tablet, I’m not ALWAYS keeping up with how charged it is, so it is extra annoying to decide to use it and see it died from gapp wakeups.

If I want Netflix I’ll just moonlight from my desktop. I don’t really watch videos on my tablet anyway, I use my TV or Oculus Quest.

I’m not a fan of Amazon’s devices, but I do like how non-intrusive their app store is.
You don’t have to have anything running in the background, and all you have to do is connect to the internet once and paid apps work offline. It’s better than I thought it would be.

I really doubt that consumers all not want the hardware advantages of this so much they bend to Google finger wagging

I think for Google to be forced by USA authorities to not support Huawei is going to backfire because either sideloading has no harm (cry wolf) or a device is made insecure and is infectious to nearby devices.

don’t get me wrong I actually like Huawei phones but the support in the US is just a joke

Read this… On one side Google warns on Side Loading and on other side they trying to get Android back on Huawei phones

It’s logic.

Google being banned by USA authorities tells the whole world to gain independence of Google. Europe for example, economy size of US, with large Huawei presence, being dictated to without any actual evidence of validity of the security claims.

The beneficiary of the harm to Google is Apple.

Microsoft already got the license to support Huawei devices… Google will get it all. Hopefully… so all this row will noe be settled finally!