Google TV on Nebula?

Any release date foreseen for the new Google TV OS/interface on Nebula?
Thank you

No idea :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Email Nebula and paste their reply here for a future search to find

Did it.
I’ll keep you posted!


You can install the interface manually, but it won’t be pleasant to use - in my experience, it only runs passably on the CCwGTV dongle.

Google might also not release this interface to other products, just like how e.g. their Pixel phones are quite different compared to stock Android, the Google TV interface is quite different to the stock Android TV experience.

They replied to me, saying:

“The system of the Cosmos product is Android TV 9.0. The system of Google TV can only be released in the new items. Apology for not has a better answer to you.”

So, no updates for the Nebula Cosmos.

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Thanks for keeping us informed.

This is the expected reply. They design and test a product as one item and for all the testing cost they get the revenue from that product. There is less profit to upgrade and test existing sold products and if you upgraded old products it narrows the gap with future products and so slightly reduced revenue of future products. If you wanted updates then the unit price at purchase would have to be higher to cover the double the cost of testing.

This is actually extremely simple to understand. The product at purchase time is all it will ever be, if there’s a promise of future updates assume they won’t happen, then if anything does happen it’s a bonus.