Google takes a play from apples playbook

With Google’s latest release of the Pixel phone reports are coming in that people can only get slow wireless charging to work. Seemingly Google spent a fortune redesigning the pixel in order to include wireless charging, and now it looks like they found away to limit the charging of their devices to slow charge when used with third party chargers, thus forcing them to pay the premium for their pixel stand just so users can fast charge their phone.

According to This article, there is a handshake error similar to the iPhones and the lightning connector which says it can or cannot charge. In this case the phones wont charge via third party wireless chargers, so even Ankers power wave stand cannot fast charge these phones, but use a Google branded Pixel stand and it will fast charge day and night.
How do you feel about google seemingly bringing DRM to phones in order to restrict wireless fast charging of the devices that You purchased and own? Let us know in the comments below


It doesn’t surprise me. Its about money and if they can force users to spend more money on accessories they will. At least they allowed wireless charging from other products at slower speeds. They could have blocked all non Google wireless chargers.

As to my feeling about this. I will not buy purchase a Pixel or any products that do this. We already spend a ton money on these phones and OEM products are always over priced. Aftermarket products from reputable companies are typically cheaper and made better than OEM. Because of that I almost never purchase OEM or use the phone manufacture included accessories.

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[quote=“Element321, post:2, topic:63092”]
I will not buy purchase a Pixel or any products that do this.
[/quote]What phone do you own? :laughing:

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As of right now my Android phone does not do this and many other phones do not do that. Its mostly Google and Apple that does this. And honestly, I was a little annoyed with Google Pixel. I still won’t buy a pixel. I don’t like the phone in general I would buy a new iPhone if that was direction I wanted to go. My wife has one and I do like how well it runs. Due to the work i do and how much I use my cell phone I’m planning to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Last I checked there isn’t a lock down on the phone or the products I need from them.

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Google has backtracked a bit on this, they released this statement earlier today

[Google has circled back with us for some clarification. While only the Pixel Stand will charge the Pixel 3 wirelessly at full speed right now, a certification process is underway through the company’s Made for Google program to allow third-party chargers to operate in the same manner, at full 10W speeds.

These certified chargers will take advantage of the protocol currently used by the Pixel Stand to similarly charge the Pixel at 10W. Belkin’s got one in the works, and presumably we’ll see other accessory manufacturers follow suit.

While the third-party chargers will be formally certified and able to operate with the Pixel 3 at full speed, Google’s unique charging UI will remain exclusive to the Pixel Stand.]


I really hate it when company’s do this. However much sense it may make.

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Just when I was thinking of getting the Pixel. For my phone I just use my portable charger or handy cable in my bag that I take everywhere with me!

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Doesn’t sound very googly to me… It’s a shame to see Google limiting third-party wireless chargers to 5 Watts but understandable when you consider all the subpar/shotty wireless chargers on the market. Anker not being one of them.

The Meanings of Googliness

“We don’t limit third-party devices, in fact, we’re working with our partners in the Made for Google program to get fast 10W chargers certified for use with Pixel 3 (Belkin announced its 10W Pixel 3 charger already which will launch in the coming weeks). Pixel Stand and Pixel 3 work together through the protocol we’ve developed for fast charging. Everything else charges at the industry standard Qi 5W.”