Google play store capsule 1

Help please! I am in Australia and I need to download Stan and disney plus to my brand new nebula capsule 1 for the Christmas period. Have emailed support to no avail can someone please help me with the code to put in to enable the access? Thank you!

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Only Nebula Support can help you with the code / Google Play store support. There may be option to side load, since it is Android 7.1, but not yet tried.

Today being still a weekend in US / start of weekday in Asia, you should hear back from Nebula Support in 1-2 days

Is there no one that can give me the code they were given to make it easier? Iā€™m just trying to get this sorted as soon as possible for Christmas. I truly have no idea what you mean by side loading etc :frowning:

The code is different based on your model and serial number. Support will ask for that when they respond