Google play caught hosting an app that steals the unsuspecting users cryptocurrency

Another malicious google play app… :pensive: glad I use iOS.


Exactly the problems google needs to fix.

I don’t like the title of that article. It’s click bait imo.

Technically it is clickbait, but it still illustrates the same point. (Users of android phones have cryptocurrency mined from their phones without permission)

Ios has its own issues too.nature of the beast.

I know, yes it happened, but these bugs are extremely rare, but that’s MAC OS not iOS


Thats net security not vulnerabilities (which the article says they re both flawed, not saying 1 more than the other). Point is just neither are safe. Long as its out there people will try and exploit it.

This post seems to be an Android vs iOS battle, lol. :joy:

I’m just going to leave this here:

FYI My original work. No use without permission (c)

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The title is very misleading, it was basically an app published on Google Play. It’s not that Google Play app itself hosted malicious software

No. The title isn’t misleading at all. It said they hosted the app. Which they did. They hosted it in there store.

It reads like Google was doing it on purpose and they got “caught” red-handed

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I’m sorry you don’t like it. If you have a suggestion on what I should call it I will gladly change the title.

No need to be sorry, it’s your post and you can title it however you want. If anything, I was just trying to engage in a friendly discussion. Cheers :+1:

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I can’t say it was friendly, now I hate you! :wink::grin: JK. If I recall correctly I titled the thread the same as the article.

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Just to be clear when I said I didn’t like the title of the article earlier I was not talking about the title of your thread.

Sorry if there was any confusion.

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Yea i should be sending an email to the people at arstechnica lol. We good man :sunglasses:

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I understood what you meant because you said “article”. :wink: