Google Pixel Case - please please help!

So I’ve opted to ditch iOS moving from iPhone 6 to 7 as the whole OS is simply a bit meh. I am now staring at my new PIxel phone and yet when I look online to get another minty Anker case THERE ARE NONE!

Scared to use new phone. Or move it. Or put in pocket. HELP.


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Apart from the Google cases, I’ve not seen any other for the Pixel.
However I’ve not actively looked either. My Pixel is naked, so to speak.:slight_smile:

You could ask @AnkerOfficial if they have plans to produce a case for the Pixel?

Golly. Are there no cases from anyone?

I’ve always bought a case and phone in a 1:1 decision, i.e. no case option I wait then buy the phone and buy a case.

I have not sold many phones but most of my phones have been used for 2+ years and a case help them last that long.

As does wireless charging BTW as less plugging in.

The Google Pixel is a relatively new phone. I am sure Anker is in the works of creating one. I would just keep it in like a bag or plastic bag if you were really worried about it. Personally, I never use my phone without a case, because I am kind of clumsy and drop my phone a lot. Do you drop your phone a lot?

What about the Google ones?

Though that price is a bit r ridiculous.

“Though that price is a bit r ridiculous.”

Like the Pixel’s price?

Nexus 4,5, Oneplus1, OnePlus2, Moto G4 Play owner here. If its >$400 for a phone come on… if you’ll pay for a Pixel then why not $35 for a case…