Google Certified Qi Fast charger for Pixel 3

Are Anker working on a Google Certified Qi Fast charger for Pixel 3?

Currently stuck on charging at 5W with current Anker chargers and would like to pick one up which allows charging at the full 10W the Pixel 3s are capable of.

I’ve heard rumors of Google receiving a lot of backlash for making their wireless fast charging proprietary and that they were going to fix the issue with a software update but don’t hold me to that.

Someone here might be able to confirm…

Just googled and got this feature from November.

Did you ever hear any news about this? I’m on the verge of buying a couple of Anker’s regular Qi chargers, but I will happily wait if they have Pixel 3 compatible versions coming sometime soon (i.e. within the next month or two).