Google Cancels I/O Developer Conference Because of Coronavirus Concerns

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It is telling on humanity, they’ll not curtail travel to slow global warming, but will for a virus, despite the fact global warming will harm a lot more than the 1% of the virus.

Hopefully the fact everyone is perfecty able to live without conferences sticks as permanent.

I am sure empty hotel rooms will be useful for isolation spaces at the peak.

Here in the UK our Chief Medical Officer (CMO) made some very valid points yesterday that there is a fear fatique effect where people will get to a point of “I am going to live my life and let the virus do its worse” so people have a limit of tolerance for not having freedom, and if you hype up too early while the virus is rare, and people then enter the “sod it, I’m going out” phase when the virus is near its peak, people will be more exposing themselves later than they are earlier.

So people over-reacting are going to make this worse.

UK official position is to wash hands, self-isolate if unwell and otherwise live and love as usual, as the expectency is people can sustain hand washing for longer than isolation and boredom.

Better safe than sorry lol

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Google cancelled it, Facebook has cancelled it… looking at a bigger picture, this will have a bad impact on the overall economy, hotels go empty, restaurants are empty, flights not getting booked,

This is not a good sign, but for now, it is better to stay self-quarantined or stay away,

It’s not really going to harm the economy. Money just changes how and where it is spent. That money you don’t spend on air tickets gets spent on hand washing or masks, less on hotel and more on bikes so you don’t take the subway, etc

Stocks in total down due to not knowing the future with such certainty but once we know outcomes Then stocks in the winners goes up. Money moves from stock to bonds then back to stock.

If you assumed 80% infected, of which 20% don’t work for 3 weeks, you’re losing 0.8 * 0.2 * 3/48= 1% of output in a year.

It will harm some a lot but help others, e.g. restaurant and bars lose but home delivery supermarket shopping gain.

Think it through…

I hope what you say comes true / stays that way :crossed_fingers:

Of course the real story is about 1%, 70 million deaths, mostly made up older people who die a couple of years earlier. There’s no good here but it’s not going to be significantly negative on economy. Remember also the older are less economic active. Brutal words but true.

Wash hands, walk and bike, avoid crowds, eat well, sleep well, and 95% of us will be fine.