Google Assistant just became better for Alarms :)

Many of us use Google Assistant on Home / Mini / Zolo Mojo for lot of things, I use them extensively for reminders and alarms… ok me thing which annoyed me a lot was the way to stop the alarms… “Hey Google, Stop” and made it even more annoying when It didn’t recognize the first time, making the morning wake up more awkward :confused:

Google has fixed it finally… Now we can stop the alarms with just a STOP command when there is a alarm played.

How many of you agree this is a good or useful feature and should include more shorter keywords? Please include in comments…


I have always been able to tell “Stop” for alarms and it worked.

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Glad to know you could do the ‘stop’ command even earlier.

Google started / released this new feature only last Tuesday May 7th Over at Google I/O.

I saw this the other day, from Digit I think.

Yes it’s a good idea.

A few years ago, Samsung let you shout ANSWER or REJECT, for an incoming call. If you shouted answer, not only did it accept the call, but it placed it in speaker mode.

One.of the best things ever.
How many times have you races to answer a call but just missed it. Me…lots n lots of times.
This feature was fantastic, but they dropped it next model… Such a bummer

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Good to know about features from Samsung. Some of the cars Honda, Toyata, have the option to answer the call via Bluetooth connection to smartphones through voice commands, use it all the time when I drive, useful feature.

Hoping Google starts using shorter / fewer keywords, I don’t like the “Hey Google” for everything …

The bluetooth headset I have tells me whos calling based on Caller ID and lets me answer or ignore by speaking. Its really nice

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That’s really helpful. My friends say I get aggressive with google when it doesn’t listen and I just start yelling for google to be quiet :joy::joy:

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I’m hesitant to use connected speakers for important alarms. They won’t work if they lose internet access due to many reasons.

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This is one complaint that I always had for smart assistants (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, luckily Siri does have some useful Offline features), it’s that they run in the cloud only and require an internet connection. Google at I/O have mentioned this is about to change, Google Assistant will soon have lot of offline options on Smart phone (and hopefully smart home devices)

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