Google announces three third-party speakers with Assistant, (Anker's Zolo)

Not sure if this is posted but it gets me really excited:

The one to pay attention to (at least at first) is the Zolo Mojo from Anker. It’s not Anker’s first smart speaker — it made a little Echo Dot competitor running Alexa called the Eufy Genie. Anker calls the Mojo as “entry-level smart speaker” with a price to match, $70. It’s a 5-watt speaker with two microphones and it supports Google Cast Audio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. So it’s not a tiny as an Echo Dot, but probably won’t offer the same sound quality as a more expensive speaker. Anker says it will be available in “late October.”


Looks cool, should even provide better sound quality.

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Thanks so much for sharing! (No, it hasn’t already been posted) I love hearing news like this. Sounds like the Mojo be great for those invested in the Google ecosystem. Can’t wait!

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I’m liking this design better than the genie and echo dot


It looks like a mix between the Echo Dot and Google Home.


Looks pretty sweet,

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More details here.

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cool thanks!