Google & Anker

Will this impact Anker? I surely hope not!

"Google could ban third-party fast charging hardware in upcoming Android phones -via Android Authority

The company quietly updated its Android Compatibility Definition Document, where it offers some strong recommendations on what it wants to see in future phones, in terms of USB Type-C devices.

The most well known third-party fast charging technology for smartphones is Qualcomm Quick Charge, which is now in its 3.0 version. There are also some other non-standard fast charging hardware out there, like OPPO’s VOOC and MediaTek’s Pump Express. However, the updated documentation from Google clearly wants smartphone makers to stick with the USB Power Delivery standards that are used on its own Pixel phones:
“Type-C devices are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to not support proprietary charging methods that modify Vbus voltage beyond default levels, or alter sink/source roles as such may result in interoperability issues with the chargers or devices that support the standard USB Power Delivery methods. While this is called out as “STRONGLY RECOMMENDED”, in future Android versions we might REQUIRE all type-C devices to support full interoperability with standard type-C chargers.”" via Google


Will this impact Anker? What are your thoughts?

I don’t think it will impact Anker as they only support QC and the official USB2 and USB3 standards.

Official Anker statement obviously would help clarify and close.

I am confident Anker would be able to meet standards laid down by Google in this regard. Frankly that would be yet another selling point for them, as they strive to be the “name you trust” in a sea of third party charging options.

This is purely an issue for the phone manufacturers. Anker can continue to support any ‘advanced’ charging system it chooses.

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Yes when it addresses hardware it is talking about the actual insides of the phones. Anker uses products meant for the outside of the phone such as charging, so I don’t think it would interfere. If it did interfere though, I am sure Anker would be able to do stuff to align with Google’s standards.

Since Anker was born from Googlers I would be very surprised if they do not provide USB C type approved cables and chargers in the future.
The only reason I can see just now that they have QC enabled chargers/cables is that QC was developed before USB-C was standardised. The USB-C standards were only finalised two years ago. So we should now start seeing more phones being released that are fully compliant with USC-C standards. And the more phones use the standard, the more accessories will be made for them.