Google Account services on Nebula Mars

My girlfriend and I are enjoying our Mars so far; it replaces our old Craigslisted home projector nicely and gives her something to take to presentations, but there’s one thing that would push this thing over the top: Google services. Right now, her presentations are all on Google Slides. I’ve installed a Slides apk that works well for showing PPT presentations off a USB key, but being able to access the presentation natively over wifi would be awesome.

I’ve installed the most recent apks for Google Play Services, Google Account Manager, and Google Play Store, but when I try to sign in to Google, I immediately get a message titled “Couldn’t sign in” and text “There was a problem communicating with Google servers. Try again later.”

Has anyone successfully set up Google services, and if so, how?

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Was it designed to be an Android device to run Google Play Services?

I can’t speak to how it was designed, but it does not come with it preinstalled.