Good Tech-Radar Article about the Motion+

I haven’t gotten my hands on the Motion+ yet so I can’t attest to the complaint they had about the bass but if it’s anything like the Flare+ I’m sure the bass is more than adequate. It has a simple and sleek look IMO but I wouldn’t have put that as one of the negatives…

I especially like that the speakers are tilted at 15° props to @AnkerTechnical on the design listening to your customers requests and incorporating USBC.

Great to see the Motion+ getting some love.

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Review is honest and overall nice. I agree that putting its aesthetics as a con, is impertinent. I think the aesthetics look really nice on this speaker. Much nicer than that of the flare :confused:. Perhaps I just prefer more classic looks :man_shrugging:


thanks for sharing this

Definitely a speaker I’d love to get :grin:


Will receive mine in the near future.
Think to compare the Motion+ with the Flare will be a nice job.

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I have to agree with the bland look, but that’s because this speaker looks like a center channel speaker in a surround sound setup.

Thanks for sharing!

I like the aesthetics. It has USB-C (huge plus) and if it sounds good, that’s all that counts :wink: