Good Solar Panel for Powerhouse II 400?

I am trying to find a good solar panel that is compatible the the Powerhouse II 400. I’ve read other places that only certain ones will work with it/

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I’m not an expert but wouldn’t that take a really long time?

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From my (admittedly surface-level) research, it seems the Powerhouse II 400 doesn’t have a proprietary solar panel made specifically for it. However, the description says it can “accept up to 65w through the DC-in port.” Might need @AnkerTechnical to weigh in on this. Would any solar panel with the correct dimensions of DC port be compatible with the Powerhouse II 400?

Im also intetested in this, there are alot of 120w portable panels on amazon with various dc tips and voltage regulators. Even in bad uk weather peiple are reporting 60+ watts with a 120w panel. Just after a reccomendation