Good Job! Just incase nobody ever says it! Eufy Cam originals

Tried a few of the others, Arlo and Argus were horrid as far as motion detection. Arlo servers went down for 5 days and because they are all “cloud” based…NO recordings. Even ring is cloud base.

Eufy is “in-house” encrypted storage.
Using Wi-Fi to connect to cameras and store videos on a microSD card.

Nobody else using or viewing my videos.
Like ring, using customer videos in TV ads because “users” checked a little box to accept the “terms and conditions” when installing the app.
Giving ring full control over ALL of your private footage.
And… All your videos can be viewed and watched by law enforcement upon request.
Peeps wasn’t expecting that.

Eufy has amazing motion detection distance. At times it can sense over 100’ and the field of view is higher. With others you feel you need more cameras because they don’t actually pick up activities over 15’ away even though they say 30’.

Battery life seems extremely exceptional. Been up and running months and not one dip on any camera battery level. Has yet to be seen.

The support has also been exceptionally good.
It does appear that this manufacturer truly does care about its customers and I mean that.

Application and firmware of the cameras and hub are updated and continually improved and small bugs eliminated.
Recently adding geo fencing in app for field of view motion detection recording.
When contacting, they were kind and courteous and sent support items to me upon request free of charge.
Followed up with me to guarantee items were received and working well.

All in all… Very pleased with my product purchase and its performance along with the current direction of the company and their behavior.

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Would you mind posting photos? Also- what product is this?

I’m glad you’re happy, do you mind if I ask what the support items were?

You Should add the photos to the original post :+1:. Thanks for adding them!

Yea, the layout has changed since last here and could not find the add photo area when editing title.

My bad

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Noone says that eufy cam isn’t a great idea and product.

They did a very good job during the kickstarter campaign and also for some month after release. But then … stagnation and even some really hard fails. Let’s hope they get back to the “roots”.

Me myself can’t compare, as i never used any other of the well known brands like arlo or ring. But there are points, like some you mentioned, i also love very much at eufy cam and i guess the competittors do not have or realized it worse.

But eufy/anker claimed to have and want the most perfect security cam ever and on market.
To this, we are far away, and there is a lot of work to do until the end of this road.

eufy cam is great, maybe even better then the big and known players in this sector, but far from perfect yet.

I am checking and watching the market and press since eufy cam reached the retail market 8 months ago. And all i know and noticed in these time is, that eufy cam isn’t really “happening”. Not in articles, not in comparisons, not in technical or specific magazines, not in hardware (security cam) tests … i read and see like nothing, as eufy cam wouldn’t exist. At least in Germany.

Just one very up to date example:
I just taken one of my plenty tech/internet/computer magazines out of my mailbox 2 hours ago and found this on the cover:

Translated it would be:

Cameras at the front door
Arlo versus Ring

No word about eufy cam in the whole article. And some weeks ago i had a big test and comparison of security cams in another specialist journal i have subscribed, plenty of companies, brands and cams, but no eufy cam!

Thats a bit sad … even if there are a lot of issues and bugs and things to do and improve, the cam isn’t that bad to not be mentioned.

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@yamyam i get your frustration, but you really should leave your venting and frustration to your post and not on someones review or their take on a product. Whether your frustration is with the product, company, or whatever it is , you dont need to keep posting it in everyones camera threads.


Thanks for your review, any pictures of it installed? Maybe a video clip?

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night mode from fairly far away and daylight sound example