Gizmodo Article: Why an Amazon router Freaks me out

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Great find. I wouldn’t want to use this router. Amazon has their hands into way to many things. I have a couple of Alexa devices and don’t use as much as most people. To do quick checks on weather, check travel times for work, and turn smart devices on and off.

What are your thoughts on Amazon Routers?

I wouldn’t to use this router unless there was a guarantee that information would stay on my network and not be sent to god-knows-who or analysis.

I think it’s a little too soon to call but I would be very wary.

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Google makes one of the best mesh wifi systems around. I’m very suspicious of it regardless of its benefits.

Gizmodo had a series of articles where a journalist tried to cut off the big five tech companies - Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook - from her life, one per week, by using specially designed VPNs to block any access to those five companies servers and any related services. It’s an interesting read, here you have the final article, and in the first paragraph you can read about each individual company block. Makes us realize there’s little, if any, hope for true detachment from big companies. Between what you are sure is held by those companies - Google Calendas, Amazon store, Apple Music, etc - there are so many other services and products relying on the big five servers and cloud services. Still, buying an Amazon router would be like volunteering your personal data, and even paying for it!

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I read this article a week or two back, it was a very interesting read. I did not realize so many tech companies lean so heavily on Google.

I encourage everybody to read @tiagomota s linked article.


Amazon is going in footsteps of Google and Facebook. Google captured the web with it’s search and email while Facebook did it with “Face Book” :smiling_imp:, and with all this data, they have used it for Ads and analytics and know everything about us. Amazon wants to get the same data, so they do not have a search or social site, but with all these “echo” devices coupled with the new “router” business, can get all the user data and behavior to feed it’s need and the new (already flourishing) ad business.

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Would rather buy an Asus or Netgear router, and load DdWRT or Tomato or OpenWRT than buy these routers from Google or Amazon…


Amazon just scares me in general…

Wow amazon really wants to know everything about us

All of the tech companies want all of our personal information. I think it is mostly harmless and the info gathered is used to market to us but I do worryabout that information falling into the hands of people that seek to do us harm.

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You are right. I own a Google mini so I’m sure Google knows quite a bit about me. I usually stay away from smart home gadgets but I couldn’t pass on that deal. Anyway, Google, FB, Amazon and many others are on a race to collect as much data from us as they can :triumph: and that’s a price we gotta pay since we rely on technology so much

You signed up for Spotify to get your Google mini didn’t you :joy: because I know that’s what I did haha

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Hell yeah that’s what I did. Man I couldn’t pass on it, I ended up paying $1.07 for it :+1:

Haha yeah when I saw that I jumped on it, except it cost me just 3 cents since I had the rest in a gift card that I found in my old wallet. So it worked out for me.

3 cents for it? It was basically a steal! You can’t beat that. Next time I see another deal like that, I’ll get a couple

I recently got the Amazon Echo Dot and love it. BUT… I am still paranoid with what I would allow it to do, like use my contact list from my phone. We mainly use it for weather, searches, turning on a light, and Amazon Music. We definitely would never get an Echo Show or similar devices. Therefore, I don’t think I would be very comfortable with an Amazon router. It’s scary enough that for everything nowadays, you have to sign up or this or that.

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These are my thoughts and I do mantra-like repetitions.
I use to keep my public data as small as possible,
though there is nothing to hide. :grin:

So many social media are fed with specific personal data of their users and they do this spontaneously without any need. This I don’t understand .

You may allow it to do something.
But may be it does something which you would not allow, but you can not give a ban.