Gifts from Christmas 2016

I don’t know if anyone else got this problem or not but around Christmas time Anker had a whole bunch of free gifts given away and I got a small portable charger that was supposed to be shipped in about a month or so and it has been quite a while since then. I tried contacting a few different people in Anker or just replying to certain emails but no luck. Could I get some help or clarification on what happened. I am not too mad but was kind of looking forward to it.


They probably sent it to the wrong people, or didn’t ship it in general. They sent an anker gift to some scam people twice saying they sent an email to my email address, and they did the same/shipped it late with my own mini portable charger.

That old thing. They did different giveaways and not sure now months later which exact one you’re referring to but, at the time one of mine got lost, I emailed anker and they shipped another, was a Powercore 5000.

I have to specifically asked them to ship via amazon as I have two missing item as well with the non-amazon shipping services. but they’re very supportive though.

I didn’t receive the Powercore 5000 and I emailed them in mid February. We exchanged emails a couple times and they sent another one, which I had in about a week.

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