Getting Error when posting, reply or like

I am getting this weird error message some times and noticed it when I like a post or reply to any post. Not every time but kind of on&off.

Wondering if anyone else getting similar error?

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical & @AnkerSupport any help?

@Ice1 No issues here buddy! All seems good!

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We already have a thread for this

You’ve actually posted on this thread do I know you know it existed…

We didn’t have those errors listed for some time now so hope they fixed it.
And this is new error may be for a different bug in the system :thinking:

@Ice1 Have you tried clearing your cache? Not noticed any weird errors since the techs last made some changes…

no, not yet,

trying to post another reply, after multiple attempts, it seemed like it took it then my post got disappeared, “Error 500” appeared this time…

Done clearing cache, still same 500 Error…

I didn´t have that inconvenience… fortunately

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